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POLYGON Hack Internal 2021 [Polykur]

UNDETECTED POLYGON Hack Internal 2021 [Polykur]

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: zhitkur

POLYGON Hack Internal 2021 [Polykur]


I’m sharing a new hack POLYGON Hack Internal 2021 [Polykur]. Actually there is already a Polygon cheat by our Special Team for our CHEATERMAD website members and is Undetected for 265 days! you can browse here. but I wanted to share this Polygon Hack with you just in case you want to see different cheat menus. good game so here i am getting it with a new and awesome  Polygon hack.

Polygon Game About

Polygon is a first-person shooter in a dynamic multiplayer team. You have to fight with 32 players on a huge map using different weapons. To properly manage your current arsenal and skills, you must lead your team to victory!

How to USE POLYGON Hack Internal 2021 [Polykur] ?

Since there is no anti-fraud feature in the game, it cannot be detected exactly.

  1. Run the injector and open the game. ( Click Here for Injector)
  2. Then inject Dell into the game.
  3. Now enter the game and dominate.
  4. Open menu key – “F1”
  5. If you want to turn off the cheat, press the “End” key.
  6. enjoy

Features POLYGON Hack Internal 2021 [Polykur]:

  • Skeleton ESP
  • Team ESP
  • Player Name (if PlayerName is “?????” -> not english)
  • Distance
  • Snapline
  • No Recoil


Developer Note :

A simple internal cheat for POLYGON (not included “aimbot”, “vis check” cuz im tired and noob)

This game has no anti-cheat so use any usermode injector (i used extreme injector) and make sure u r windowed mode.

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  1. 42174

    Doesn’t work at all. ESP Doesn’t work, Aimbot doesn’t work, nothing works.

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