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Private CSGO Cheat Aurora – Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory changer 2022

OUTDATED Private CSGO Cheat Aurora

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Aurora Team

Private CSGO Cheat Aurora – Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory changer 2021

Hi CS:GO Cheat Lovers, we offer you Private CSGO Cheat Aurora – Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory changer 2021 unlike other legit csgo cheats.
In this CSGO Cheat you will have different features than your predictions! You will experience an undetected cheat with the 2021 csgo private aurora hack. The cheat will give you a complete advantage over your opponents and will certainly not leave you indifferent! Become a CS:GO God now!

Everyone knows the Russian people’s interest in csgo. Thanks to this aurora hack, again made by a Russian developer, you will blow your opponents out.

aurora cheat

Aurora Cheat Features:

  • Full record hopping wallhack in videos and streams,
  • Smooth legible aimbot,
  • Powerful fury aimbot,
  • Unique inventory switcher with crates,
  • Medals and any appearance in inventory,
  • Profile switcher with rank change ability,
  • Legal anti-objectives for lobby
  • More features!

Does Using CSGO Cheat Put My Account At Risk?

Free csgo cheat software used by everyone is detected by Valve Anti Cheat unless they are constantly updated. In fact, even irresponsible paid csgo cheaters can get you banned. Therefore, you should not use every cheat file you find on the Internet. You can put both your account and your computer at risk.

CSGO Hack Aurora Safe to Use?

Csgo hacking software is safe as long as you download it from the right place. Some publishers share cheat files; It injects viruses such as “Bitcoin Mining” to generate revenue from your computer, or malware such as “Trojan” to capture important information on your computer. So never forget to check the “virustotal” results before downloading any csgo cheat file.

Although you are careful, we recommend that you keep a quality Antivirus program installed on your computer. At this point, we recommend that you use the proven Kaspersky Free antivirus program, which does not think that every file it sees is a virus. It’s pretty simple and completely free.

How to Use CSGO Cheat Aurora ?

  1. Download the dll file, first completely disable antivirus
    and any programs that protect your computer or browser. Put this in the game launch options “-disable_d3d9ex”. This procedure is mandatory for the cheat.
  2. Navigate to the root folder of steam by right-clicking on the program icon and clicking on the file location to locate the crashhandler file.dll , rename it, move to the folder downloaded DLL cheat, run CS:GO.
  3. Ready! Each time you start the game, the cheat will open. To disable the cheat replace crashhandler.dll on previously renamed by you.

Download dll file, go to root folder of steam, right click on program icon and click on file location, find crashhandler. rename the dll file, transfer the downloaded dll to the folder, run CS:GO. Done! Every time you start the game, a cheat will open. Replace the crashhandler.dll file with the one you renamed earlier to disable the cheat.

  1. For Aurora CFG : https://corsair.wtf/topic/1304-cfg-for-aurora-free-hack-csgo/
  2. CheaterMAD Discord : http://dsc.gg/joinn
  3. Other CS:GO Cheats and Hacks : https://cheatermad.com/csgo/

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  1. 82014

    should i inject this or anything els?

  1. 189975

    config not work > game crashes

  2. 162480

    On the main page, there won’t be any problems, but when you start the play mode, the game will rot

  3. 164191

    it injects, and if i start game it crashes insta

  4. 124912

    my csgo crashes after I save the config. Any help with this ?

  5. 103883

    fix download link please

  6. 97508

    note for you guys use injector like saz injector i used it and other and it worked fine some of you might think the screen crashed but just wait half a min and the game will be good , this is the best csgo cheat

  7. 97508

    best cheat ever worked very well simple and have a lot of option liek gun gloves knifes sins and best esp ever thx for making this cool cheat

  8. 76703

    Cannot launch steam if its not the original crashhandler.dll

  9. 1824

    how antikick work?

  10. 82014

    should i inject this or anything els?

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