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Private VAC Bypass Damascus


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Shit

Hello dear chatermad members and wanasX – this cheat is released for our members you can use it securely do not forget to join our discord server if you need any help this was the private version to my main cheat: Damascus External || Skin Changer but I decided to release it separately and you can use it with any other cheat

 How To UsePrivate VAC  : 

Disable Antivirus
Exit from CSGO
Exit from the Steam launcher and background 

Run Damascus VAC-Bypass AS administrator you will see steam will Open automatically on csgo

Run your cheat and enjoy with no vac!

What’s new on V2   ?:
no need to move your steam path if steam.exe is not on the default path you will see a dialog to choose the steam.exe path and enjoy!

still, have a problem? join dsc.gg/mads

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