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PUBG Free Hack – Aimbot and Wallhack


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Unknown

PUBG Free Hack is a tool that allows you to aimbot and wallhack on PUBG. It uses the triggerbot (right mouse button) and keybindings. I wouldn’t claim it’s the fastest or best out there, but it certainly works well enough to play with.

PUBG Free Hack Aimbot:

Using automated control software is without a doubt one of the most powerful cheats that Playerunknowns Battlegrounds can currently use. Allows players to associate a key or mouse button with auto-focus and lock to automatically direct any enemy to the field of view. If you play as a duo or in a group, group members do not activate this feature. The trigger robot can then be set to shoot automatically for you, or you can choose to shoot yourself.

While aimbots are extremely strong in winning battles and killing players, especially in PUBG Battlegrounds, because many PvP engagements take place in middle or high positions, the tools are automotive targets that other players can discover and report. It is therefore advisable that you use quality software and download with the opportunity to see your target naturally from the outside. While Battleground aimbot software can be great for winning fast, it also requires a lot of in-game skills, making winning less rewarding.

pubg free hack

PUBG Free Hack Wallhack:

Free Pubg Wallhack is the little brother of the target car in that it uses the same card scanning technique for things like other players, objects, cars, etc., but instead of using this data to focus on an object, you just need to highlight it. your screen and mini folder. This type of PUBG Free Hack ESP (Extrasensory Perception) hack is more useful in Battlegrounds PUK than your regular Battle Royale or regular online shooter:

Wallhacks can not only mark players on your screen so they don’t have to be spotted, franked or prevented, but they can do the same thing, even on display, and tell you what things are in each house. flat. . – Accelerates the theft of good goods, usually you are the first to find a weapon, armor, backpacks and first aid kits, which gives you a huge advantage.

Supply Drops with AWP and other OP weapons are also on display, so getting the best weapons in the game is easy. You also don’t have to go to the building to see what kinds of things are available, because you can already see things through the walls, which reduces the risk of someone camping and being murdered in the building. Now you can also see the campers, where they are waiting for you and you can ruin their day. Nobody likes camping.

pubg free hack

How to Use ?

Make sure you are windows build 1909 PLEASE. If not, mapping the driver will bluescreen your machine.
You can confirm this by typing “winver” in the cortana search bar.

  1. Next, make sure pubg is CLOSED and drag EDDRV.sys over kernel.exe
  2. Run PUBG.
  3. Once in lobby, run skill.exe
  4. If the program says DRIVER NOT FOUND, you didn’t map the driver properly. You are either on the wrong windows build or AV removed the mapper.
  5. Enjoy 🙂

PS: If you want to hide the window from BattleEye screenshotting, run privacy.exe | Press F10 to toggle windowhide

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  1. 184834

    how to understand that privacy.exe is running?

  1. 185026

    I have hack Three of the euro=24h

  2. 184741

    is it so hard to just make an exe file

  3. 184741

    this shit dont work

  4. 186404

    license key removed due to multiple usage of key!!
    plz bro give me a new trial key i want to use this for fun i dont care if i got banned i just need an esp hack for pubg steam plzzzzzzz

  5. 108541

    the only problem of all is that they only do this for windows 1909 , most people use windows pro ai complicates

  6. 61374

    game update. hack not working

  7. 163502

    support win11 21H2 pls

  8. 104713

    1909 doesn’t seem to work

  9. 185227

    as I understand it , this file should be moved to the kernel ?

  10. 61374

    ı have windows build 1809. esp working.
    how aimbot works?

  11. 185227

    help me in more detail who did it

  12. 184834

    how to understand that privacy.exe is running?

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