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DETECTED pubg mobile radar 1

 Last Version: 15/09/2022


Your attention is an excellent solution to dominate the game PUBG Mobile with a small hack that activates the radar on your computer and will display your enemies and all the necessary items nearby. This is a good cheat that was provided by the user Manulzxc you can download for free from our site. You can use this external radar cheat on PUBG Mobile on your mobile device (ios or android), as well as using the emulator via your computer. We provide you with a video where you can learn more about the functionality of the hack. This cheat can sometimes show incorrect information, for example, it does not always see other players on the radar, mainly bots. Category: Pubg Mobile Developer: Manulzxc Last updated: [21/08/2020] Version: v1.2 Futures : 


  How to make the radar work.
1) Install winpcap.
2) You need to select the correct winpcap device, which will sniff packets.
The archive contains an auxiliary program that will help to do this. Just select a device and download something in the browser. If packet 1 packet 2 packet 3 etc will be written
So the correct device is selected. If not, restart and find the correct one. This is only necessary for the first run. The following times you can immediately start the radar.
3) Start the radar, click the Start button, and then start the game.

  Your position is displayed on the island. Before you land. Vehicles will not be displayed until no one uses them in the current match.

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