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RaweTrip CSGO Software legit, rage and more features


 Last Version: 24/06/2022

 Developers: citizzen

RaweTrip CSGO Software Free is now free! Developer citizzen decided to publish this CSGO cheat and you can download this free csgo cheat with great features from our Cheatermad website for free. You can enjoy this csgo cheat with many functionalities.

Features RaweTrip CSGO Software :

  • Rage
  • Legit
  • SkinChanger
  • Visual
  • Mics
  • Aimbot
  • and etc.

How to Use RaweTrip CSGO Software?

  1. Download rawetrip.rar
  2. Download Injector : Click Here
  3. Start csgo
  4. Start Injector as administrator
  5. Inject rawetrip.dll
  6. Enjoy

rawetrip csgo software


  • Where are the configs stored? – “appdata / roaming / rawetripp /”
  • All icons are not shown, what should I do? – It is enough to install the fonts from the archive attached with the dll
  • Where can I download the config from? – The archive includes a developer config
  • Does otc v3 kill? – Copes without much difficulty
  • What bullet does the cheat use to fix the LowDelta? – There are 2 types of resolver – Default, Additional, the second resolver, fixes the loudette from the first bullet. Default – from 2-3

RaweTrip – Update 16 june 2022:

  • – [api] fixed http.post( string url , string params )
  • – [api] added http.delete( string url , string params )
  • – [api] added m_flposeparameter()[ int ]
  • – [api] removed w, h parameter for render.setup_texture
  • – [api] added steam class & get_user_avatar/get_friend_avatar
  • – [api] added resolver_optional class & override_solve/get_solve/get_last_target
  • – [api] added draw_hitbox to player class
  • – [api] added get_prop_entity
  • – [api] added get_spectators
  • – [api] added get_files_from_dir
  • – reworked binds list & spectators list
  • – reworked watermark
  • – improved resolver
  • – improved doubletap
  • – fixed crashes on windows 10/11
rawetrip csgo software
rawetrip csgo software

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  1. 56634


  1. 188196

    once the rawetrip appear, i can’t do anything to my csgo except the rawetrip, anyone can help me?

  2. 187830

    “no legit bot” i mean that it dont have a button with “Legit” only have “Rage”

  3. 20922

    Nice cheat but it sucks for hvh.

  4. 183777

    Nice i am going to test it thanks

  5. 187830

    it has no legitbot it is a lie

  6. 187746

    I played a few matches and i been banned. and i dont use them agressiv.

  7. 186143

    does it work face it?

  8. 186143

    work on face it?

  9. 186060

    Best Cheat for legit Cheating and MM HvH

  10. 68189

    served me well for some time, can’t say I dislike it. Legit bot needs a bit of work but other than that it’s not bad. I switched over to otc3 tho

  11. 182572

    Very good cheating, just random collapse

  12. 34558

    Love your cheat !!! Work really great !!! Thank you for sharing. Thank you.

  13. 139042

    is there any way to fix automatic delete the dll??? I turn off the real time protection but it still delete it

  14. 56626

    how do i minimize the cheat

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