RiseChanger – CSGO Inventory and Skin Changer 2021


 Version: 05.09.2021

 Developers: risechanger.tk

RiseChanger – CSGO Inventory and Skin Changer 2021

RiseChanger is a one of the best free CSGO Inventory and Skin Changers you can find out there. You can add knives and skins to your inventory.

What is an Inventory Changer for CSGO

With an inventoy changer you can change every single item in your CSGO inventory withour any consequences. You can add your favorite knife and your favorite skin to that as well, your favorite weapon skins for each weapon, music kits to brighten your gameplay, stickers to make your weapons look a thousand times cooler, gloves to cover your hands while looking sick and agents! All of this will show up in your inventory and you will be able to use them in game as well!

But this changer is special. This changer also includes some other useful functions like bunnyhop, change world color, change arms position, custom clan tag and so much more!

How to Install and Use RiseChanger
  1. Download the inventory changer by clicking on the red download button which can be found at the bottom of this post
  2. Extract the inventory changer’s dll called “rise.dll” from the RAR archive
  3. Use a VacBypass [Optional]
  4. Start CSGO
  5. Inject the inventory changer dll into CSGO by using an injector of your choice [Recommended: MadLoader + VacBypass]
  6. Press INS [Insert] to open the menu in game
  7. Enjoy 🙂
RiseChanger Features
  • Inventory Changer (Knives, Weapons, Music Kits, Stickers, Agents, Gloves, etc…)
  • Bunnyhop
  • Change World Color
  • Change Arms Position
  • Custom Clan Tag


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