Version: 1.2

 Developers: SKI1LZHUB


This is the best hack in the Roblox Arsenal Hack category available on the market. The search for cheats has also begun for Arsenal, the game that has been very popular recently. We said let’s share this amazing cheat for you right away. No more losing the game. You will now fully win.

But what is Roblox Arsenal? Roblox Arsenal is a game where you fight with a variety of weapons reminiscent of CS:GO inside Roblox.

What are our features in our roblox cheat today?

ESP: ESP hack is a wallhack. Wallhack is a cheat that allows you to see your opponents through walls. This cheat is so valuable you almost won’t lose it. Because you will definitely win as you see which opponent will come from where and when.

AIMBOT: Aimbot is a cheat that you can just press your mouse and kill the enemy without any effort. Wherever you shoot in this cheat, if you see the enemy, he or she dies.

But how will you use this cheat? This is where JJSploit comes in. JJSploit is a tool.

How to Use;

  1. Close your virus program.
  2. Open JJSploit.
  3. Turn on Arsenal
  4. Come to JJSploit and click on the attach classic section.
  5. Enter the LUA Section in JJSploit and paste the code we have given.
  6. And finally click Execute.
  7. Have a good game.
  • On you need any support, you can join our discord server and get support. have fun


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