Roblox Bedwars HACK


 Version: 22.07.2021

 Developers: WhySoSerious

Hello, I’m gavin, and today I’ll show you a new roblox bedwars hack. This has OP features to help you win ANY roblox bedwars game. Let’s get straight into it.

What is Roblox Bedwars?

Roblox bedwars is a game made to look like Minecraft bedwars, where you need to defend your bed and break other’s beds. Once your bed breaks, if you die, you no longer can respawn.

What is in the Roblox Bedwars HACK?

  • Aimbot
  • Invisibility
  • ESP (able to see all players where ever you go.)
  • No Knockback (when you fight with another player, you won’t be knocked back by their sword.)
  • And more!

How do I use this Roblox Bedwars HACK?

You’ll need a roblox exploit like KRNL or Oxygen U.

  1. Paste the code you got in the download in your exploit.
  2. Inject the exploit, and wait until it says it’s done injecting.
  3. Now, execute your exploit.
Is there a risk of getting banned with this hack?

No, there isn’t a very high risk at all.

Where’s the download for the script?

If you scroll down a bit, you will be able to find a red button that says “Download”

Click the button and follow the steps from there.


Thank you for listening, and have a wonderful day. And like they always say,

Ok, maybe cheaters DO prosper.



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