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Roblox Fluxus Exploit | Fluxus Mobile Executor 2024

UNDETECTED Roblox Fluxus Exploit

 Last Version: 18/03/2024

 Developers: Fluxus

I will talk about the benefits that the Roblox Fluxus Exploit can give you. You need a useful and high-level exploit to run the scripts and do what you want in the game. Exploits create a bridge between the script and the game.

Exploits with low levels cannot run every script. You can also have exploits for free. The way exploits work is very simple and after a few tries, you can use them as you wish. You can download the exploit below and if you need scripts, check out the Free Roblox Scripts and Cheats category on our site.

roblox fluxus exploit

One of the best Roblox exploits is available here, and since the Roblox anti-cheat system hasn’t caught on to it yet, you can use it without worrying about getting kicked out of the game. Install the executor’s apk, then utilize our website to search for and simply download any mobile script for no cost.

Because there are so many scripts available for use in Roblox, the Roblox Free Fluxus Exploit is designed to spare you the trouble of manually injecting the script. Many premium injector models are functional yet lack essential features.

The Roblox Free Fluxus Exploit RVM may be found on level eight. With ExFluxus, a Level 8 RVM Executor, you can inject any script into a game you’re playing on Roblox and have it run in real time as you dunk on your opponents. Download Fluxus right away to put your own stamp on all your favorite games.-

How to Use Roblox Fluxus Exploit;

  • Paste the script into exploit
  • Press the inject button
  • Execute the script after injecting
  • Everything is ok now you can use it as you wish.


Here are some things you need to use Fluxus:

Your anti virus needs to be disabled
Fluxus is a game cheat. We use methods known as DLL Injections. These trip up mostly every anti virus because DLL Injections can be used in a malicious way, Fluxus uses it to inject into ROBLOX.

If you do not disable or whitelist Fluxus, you will have issues.

If you want to whitelist instead, make sure C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluxus is whitelisted as well.

How do you get a Fluxus key?
Getting a key for Fluxus is really easy. If you want, you can purchase a key to Fluxus at fluxteam.net and never have to worry about it again OR You can get a key for free by downloading Fluxus, and when prompted for a key, press “Get Key” From there, complete the linkvertise steps and you will get a free 24 hour key. Once this key expires, you have to redo these steps.


  1. You are running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11. If you are not, Fluxus is unsupported.
  2. Make sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed. Fluxus requires this to function. If you do not, you can download it at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
  3. Make sure you have .NET Framework installed. Fluxus requires this to function. If you do not, you can download it at https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet-framework

Fluxus is made by ShowerHeadFD & IZesty, since November 2019.

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    it works but after some time like about a week or so Roblox will detect it and it will stop working

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