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Roblox Galaxy Script Hub | GUI for Pet Simulator X & 15+ Games

UNDETECTED Roblox Galaxy Script Hub

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: MHD444#8522

Roblox Galaxy Script Hub is group of Roblox Hacks and Pastebin GUIs that will let you load scripts Cheats for Roblox for tons of games such as Phantom Forces, Phantom Simulator X and so much more.

About the Pet Simulator X Script

Among many other Script Hacks for Roblox of this hub, the Pet Simulator X Script is an incredibly useful tool that will let you get ahead in the game by giving you access to powerful cheats and hacks.

This script is essential for anyone looking to dominate the game. With this script, you will be able to quickly and easily defeat your opponents and become the top player in no time.

The Pet Simulator X Autofarm Script is a great tool for pet owners! It allows you to automatically farm pets for food and resources, so you don‘t have to worry about them going hungry or without.

It even lets you auto collect coins all around the map as well, so that you always good to go when it comes to buying and purchasing items using your in game coin currency.

Obviously these are only some of the features that the Roblox Galaxy Script Hub’s Pet Sim X Script contains. Among autofarm, it also has various features concerning the player itself, eggs (auto) and many other misc functions as well.

pet sim x 1

Don’t forget to check out more of our Pet Sim X scripts as well: Pet Simulator X Script Hack Code 2023

Roblox Galaxy Script Hub Supported Games

The Roblox Galaxy Script Hub supports tons of scripts just like we have mentioned above, meaning that it is not just about Pet Simulator X that I have told you about in a very long way haha.

This Roblox GUI Hub is uesful for many games, especially the popular ones that many players of Roblox like you enjoy playing.

But what are those games, here is a list of every single game that you can find a script for in the Galaxy Hack Hub for Roblox, and expect more in the future!

  • Arsenal
  • Strong Clickers
  • Ninja Legends
  • Lucky Blocks Battlegrounds
  • Pet Simulator X 🐾
  • Tapping Simulator
  • Anime Clicker Simulator
  • Race Clicker 🏆
  • Victory Race
  • Boxing Simulator 🥊
  • Impossible Glass Bridge Obby !
  • Rebirth Champions X
  • Millionaire Empire Tycoon 💸
  • Strucid
  • Weapon Fighting Simulator

How to Use the Roblox Galaxy Script Hub

Using the Roblox Galaxy Script Hub is extremely easy because all you have to do in order to be able to use the scripts contained in the hub is exactly what you would have to do to inject a normal script into the game.

How the hub works is that it detects the game that you are playing and injects, executes the appropriate script for that game.

And here is how you actually use these Scripts for Roblox:

  1. First, make sure that the Roblox game that you want to script in is launched
  2. Once you have the game launched, open an exploit, of your choice, the one that you like. You can find many on our website
  3. Get the Roblox Galaxy Script Hub’s code itself from down below, click on the get script button
  4. Copy the shown script into your clipboard
  5. Paste the script into the exploit / executor
  6. Now, press “Inject” / “Execute” and it should be shown in the game that you are playing
  7. Boom, that was it! Now, enjoy everything about this mindblowing Roblox Hack to its fullest!

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