Roblox MetricSploiters Script Injector

roblox metricsploiters script injector

 Version: 1.00

 Developers: Metric_vac

Roblox MetricSploiters Script Injector

Roblox MetricSploiters Script Injector is a script injector that is undetected and auto updates by itself, the update might take up to two minutes to 4 minutes, this Script Injector runs on easy Exploiters.

Problems That are going to be fixed on MetricSploiters 2.00:

  • MetricSploiter Can not be dragged So it will be fixed on MetricSploiters 2.00
  • When Roblox Updates, Easy Exploites dll Could be updated or sometimes it would not
  • Sometimes MetricSploiters wont work on some versions of windows

Other than That This Script Injector Works Perfectly, Hope you Enjoy MetricSploiters


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