Rust No Recoil Free Hack Download [METR.CC]


 Version: 18.09.2021

 Developers: METR#0001

We continue to share services with you with a new Rust No Recoil Free Hack. this is a slightly updated version of senips sapphire blowback very easy to use. For the Rust game, you prevent the recoil of your weapons and you do not use cheats. Do not doubt that many rust players use it (including me)

What are Rust No Recoil Free Hack?

The Rust No Recoil Free Hack, macro is a script and is usually software that accesses your mouse to counter the in-game recoil of a particular weapon. For example, when firing your gun in RUST mode, your reticle will automatically move upwards due to the gun’s recoil.As a player, you must move your mouse in a certain way at the bottom of your mouse to counteract the recoil of your weapon and keep your weapon accurate. This can be very difficult and frustrating, especially in recoil-heavy games like RUST; Quickly target the enemy, control the game sound and stay aware of your surroundings.  You may be interested in our other Free Rust Cheats and Hacks.

How to use – Rust No Recoil Free Hack?

  1. Download METR.CC.exe
  2. Turn off your virus defenders
  3. Start the METR.CC.exe as administrator
  4. Run Rust Game
  5. Enjoy.




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