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Saz injector v4.0 | Injector for All Games 2023


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Saz

You can safely use Saz injector for the most popular online games, developer Saz has managed to keep this Injector up to date for about 3 years. I strongly recommend you to use this injector for Free Cheats & Hacks that you download from our website. You will run all Internal Cheats on our website with this Saz Injector. The reed injector will do this quickly and without errors.

The Saz injector was individually reviewed by me in the CS:GO recreation and the integrity went well, but the author said that SazInjector works very well even with all internal hacks. Review the Usage instructions below and join the SAZ Discord Server for support.

saz injector

How to use Saz injector

  1. Turn off any antivirus on your computer which may block the download
  2. Extract all the files using WinRAR (Password : 123)
  3. Launch the .exe file
  4. Select a type of injection (Manual Map recommended)
  5. Choose a process
  6. Add a dll (every dlls added with Load Library option are stocked in C:/Windows/SazInjectorTempFile/RandomdllName)
  7. Set up settings (top left corner)
  8. Press Inject button
  9. Enjoy !

If you want to avoid VAC ban (while using CS:GO Cheats)

  1.  Run the injector and the .dll file from an external disk or USB
  2. Run the VAC-Bypass-Loader
  3. VBL Download link : https://updown.ninja/download/rtYaiyQYKVYV0ws
  4. Select “Manual Map” Injection
  5. Clear recent dlls (Settings)
  6. Check “Close After Injection” (Settings)

If you have any problem, bug or recommendation, open a ticket on the discord server.
Good to know : Some dlls aren’t working with the Manual Map injection (For example : Osiris.dll).
If the game crash after the injection, try to use Load Library injection type.

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  1. 85317

    не работает инжектор он даже не запускаетца

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    what is the best injector and cheat for rust ?

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    stuck on loading files?

  3. 436977

    Update the link please

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    It work on Escape from Tarkov ?

  5. 325441

    Good people live in peace

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    Doesnt work ,when i open it and it loads it get an error

  7. 249757

    melhor injector atualmente!

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    work on valorant?

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    does it work with valorant

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    working this on cfph?

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    how to i download that?

  12. 189566

    now i can inject my dlls in csgo with the best injector out there! thanks

  13. 190417

    Crashing after update. Sunset.exe is crashing
    Maybe only to me crashing i dont know.
    When i play csgo without cheat its not crashing all good. But when i on ”csgo.not responding” or just all stop and kick from csgo. FIX THIS!!!!!

  14. 85317

    не работает инжектор он даже не запускаетца

  15. 96230

    No working, crash game

  16. 41093

    I turned off all my antiviruses and it said ! Cannot execute

  17. 3067
    I tried it does not inject I tried with sazinjector and processhacker 2 it injects but does not open

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