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Secret Neighbor Free Cheat | Steam & Microsoft Store

DETECTED Secret Neighbor Free Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Harlie Sullivan

Secret Neighbor Free Cheat is a dll based hacking tool for Secret Neighbor, specifically the Steam and the MS version which incudes some of the most amazing cheat features out there, including God Mode, Player Crasher, Force Start and many other overpowered stuff!

With tons of insane tools that it brings to the table, you will not regret using this and will nver have to worry about playing bad or losing a round, because this Secret Neighbor Free Cheat will make it all go away!

제목 없음

Secret Neighbor Free Cheat Featrues

Cheat Features (Lobby)

  • Change Host
  • Force Start
  • Change Name
  • Brawl Mode Changer
  • Lobby Neighbor (Broken)

Cheat Features (In-Match)

  • God Mode Giver & Take
  • Kill Player
  • Buff Player
  • Fake Death
  • Item Spawner
  • Player Teleporter
  • Player Crasher
  • Inventor Gears Giver
  • Match Time Changer
  • Ultimate Scout Bullet
  • Fullbright

How to use Secret Neighbor Free Cheat

  • Download The Cheat from our website
  • You will got a rar extract it and you will got a dll file
  • Launch Secret Neighbor either from Steam or Microsoft Store
  • Open Process Hacker
  • Inject The Dll (MS for Microsoft Store, Steam for Steam) with Process Hacker or any other injector into Secret Neighbor
  • Done
  • Press Insert to open the menu


  • if the cheat does not working (console not showing up or the menu won’t show by pressing insert)
  • try install visual studio 2023 and choose C++ Desktop Development
  • after visual studio finished installing, re-doing it again and it must be working after doing this

Note : Use at own Risk!

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Comments (33)

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  1. 557223

    Where do I put this file and how do I open the cheat screen?

  2. 491056

    bro. you said its free and now it costs 24.99$ like what?! (yeah don’t follow the steps. this is just a trap.)

  3. 271910

    can i use this cheat in 1.42.2 it is crashing a lot how to fix crash and it is still working.

  4. 271910

    we want this cheat features free in latest version

  5. 201567

    Last Version: 15/09/2022
    Developers: Harlie Sullivan

    the download link is the file of 25/05/2022 16:22 PM

  6. 190938

    Please help, everytime I try to inject, it crashes my whole game please help

  7. 190694

    guys tell me how to install cheats on sn tell me write me I can’t get it

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