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SharpMono Injector v2.5 [Unturned Mono Injector]

UNDETECTED SharpMono Injector

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Lovren12

Updated SharpMono Injector to fix the process detection bug, x86/x64 detection bug fixed, and a couple fixes to make it more efficient. No modifications to his injection engine other than some added error checking. Built off Net 4.0 for those that are still on Win7 and can’t run NetStandard 2.0. Since he didn’t build-in any privilege checking I added some checks and the GUI version will automatically restart as Admin. The console version you’ll get a warning and instructions on to ‘fix’ the game.

Go to game .exe and Properties->Compatibility tab. Uncheck the “Run this program as Administrator” box. Some dev’s think this little Game Cheats of ‘elevating the privileges’ will stop most people from injecting unless the injector is also run as admin. Unchecking this box will make the game an regular user process again. Or just run the injector as Admin. This is why I like syscall’s and ACP techniques.


This was a great Unity injector until that nasty process detection and x86/64 bug, now it’s actually usable again. I still prefer my injector though since I use syscalls. I might be partial, but either way Warbler the original creator of SharpMono Injector deserves credit for his work.


People have been reporting that recently the injector was crashing again on refreshing processes. I found the bug and it’s been fixed. With some new Windows updates some new services were installed with some very strict process access privileges. Shouldn’t be an issue anymore as now it doesn’t even enumerate system processes. MInjector will also get updated with the fix. The update also includes some UI improvements SharpMono Injector.

How to use SharpMono Injector?

If you are cheating in unity games and wanna insert a dll file / hacks run:

To have it fully working you need:
– Run it as administrator
– Disable anti virus

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  1. 89394

    L its broken

  1. 203605

    lol its 2.4 not 2.5

  2. 392327

    shows nothing on process

  3. 118512

    dude fix this shot

  4. 110716

    I don’t understand how it works.

  5. 105181

    It doesnt find any processes

  6. 85413

    Change the status from undected to outdated ffs. No one was able to use it. It was working before but isnt now so change status inefficient donkey admin.

  7. 85413

    Doesnt show processes

  8. 87019

    doesn’t even work, ran everything to the tee, nothing pops up, nothing even happens, dont know what exactly to input so i tried everything i can read about and nothing

  9. 80814

    how do i use this

  10. 34066
    Doesn't show processes

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