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SilkWare External Apex Legends Cheat v3 | ESP & Aimbot

OUTDATED SilkWare External Apex Legends Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: otiosum

SilkWare External Apex Legends Cheat is the most advanced free external hack that you can find on the internet. It comes with a lot of features such as Aimbot, WallHack and ESP.With this cheat, you will be able to dominate everyone you see in every single match without having to worry about the safety of your account. So if you are tired of losing single games because of cheaters or simply just want to add more fun for yourself then I suggest you go ahead and download SilkWare External Apex Legends Cheat completely for free!

Are you tired of the Apex Legends game? Do you think that there is nothing more to say about it? Well, with this new hack you will be able to have everything you need to dominate everyone around you. A hacking external that has been designed specifically for this title and which will give the best experience. Listen up!

silkware external apex legends cheat

SilkWare External Cheater will give you the edge over other players in the game. This cheat lets you see where other players are on your screen, providing an advantage over others in-game. It also gives you an aimbot functionality so that wherever you aim at on the screen, it will automatically shoot for you!

The SilkWare Apex Legends Cheat has a terrific ability to stay undetected by any security systems. Your all your data will be kept safe, you will never receive any false report or risk losing your account. The Aimbot works with all weapons and is very fast, so you can hit detailed targets with great speed. We also have a wallhack that gives you the possibility of seeing enemies behind walls and in other places where they cannot see you! With our ESP (extra sensory perception) feature you can easily see through walls where enemies are as well as their health status!

How to Use SilkWare External Apex Legends Cheat

  1. Download and install cheat from our website where many other Apex Legends Hacks can be found
  2. Make sure you have: secure boot disabled, HyperV disabled (mainly HVCI)
  3. Download Xenos injector (or any other DLL injector)
  4. Use native inject, unlink module, erase PE headers
  5. Inject the DLL into some process (web browser, process hacker…)
  6. Wait for it to do it’s thing and then start the game when asked
  7. You can now open the menu with insert (the menu is always click-through keep that in mind)

SilkWare External Apex Legends Cheat | Features

  • Aim
    – Ignore knocked
    – Ignore teammates
    – Max distance
    – Max FOV
    – Smooth
    – Predict velocity
    – Predict bullet drop
    – Bone select
    – Key
  • Visuals
    – Box
    – Head dot
    – Health bar
    – Max distance
    – Max head dot distance
  • Misc
    – Crosshair
  • Config
    – Very basic config save/load

silkware external apex legends cheat

SilkWare External Apex Legends Cheat | FAQ

  • Will the source code be released?
  • How does it read/write the games memory?
    It does not map any driver, it uses a vulnerable driver for DKOM and that vulnerable driver is fully unloaded before the game starts.
  • Why is it VMProtected?
    To make it a bit harder for EAC to figure out my meme.
  • Something, something, not work!
    Make sure there wasn’t a game update and that you are following the steps correctly. Also it was only tested on winver 2004 and up. Please read through this thread if there is a solution to your problem and if not then ask here.

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  1. 186853

    make sure process injecting into is run as admin!!!
    otherwise use at your own risk…

  1. 89151

    how can i inject the DLL when i dont have process hacker? thanks.

  2. 184692

    cheat works but menu wont open when I press insert, yes I disabled secure boot, my game is windowed/windowed borderless, yes the process I injected to is run as admin, and no I am not on windows 11

  3. 186600

    Does anyone know why when I have the hack working it doesn’t open with the insert I have esp but it doesn’t open the options

  4. 187525

    for me when i inject into a proces and the cmd crashes and closes,anyone has a fix for this im 21h2

  5. 184560

    fanno schifo dopo un game subito bannato che vergnogna che sei

  6. 148180

    build on Jun 4 2022

    [17:12:40][i] Loading vulnerable driver
    [17:12:40][e] Failed to register service

  7. 34835

    My pc restarting when im injecting can anyone help me ?

  8. 186853

    works perfect yall just dumb… but it got me banned after a few games anyways

  9. 186853

    make sure process injecting into is run as admin!!!
    otherwise use at your own risk…

  10. 186600

    this does not work for windows 21H2

  11. 187432

    How terrible that no one responds because the chair’s error, neither here nor in discord.

  12. 164207

    your discord mister dev ? looks interesting

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