Slay Free GTA 5 Online Mod Menu v3.4


 Version: Slay 3.4 - GTA 5 Online 1.57

 Developers: Slay

Slay Free GTA 5 Online Mod Menu is another Free GTA 5 Online Cheat, after GTA 5 giveaway on epic games, the slay menu becomes more popular. It’s continually updating with new features and bug fixes,WhiteEagle and Solid developed this cheat. 
They shared it on youtube and other social media sites for free. The main thing I like most is the updates. Whenever the cheat gets detected, they update.With this cheat players can drop themself money, spawn vehicles. Most importantly, the recovery unlocks feature. You can unlock everything in the game, including heist vehicles, clothes, stats, rank without playing the game.

Slay Free GTA 5 Online Mod Menu

The Slay Mod Menu is free and provides most wanted features like recovery unlocks, money drops, troll options (not recommended), Money bags gun, and Teleport options, we will recommend using any cheat in invite-only private session only by this way you will be safe and other players experience will not be affected.


How to use Slay GTA Online Mod Menu (for safe version without recovery)

  1. Download Slay mod menu for gta 5 online 1.57 free from below provided link.
  2. Move the slay folder from downloaded zip file to AppData/Roaming/ folder of your pc.
  3. Now start gta v in story mode first and go back to roaming folder where you placed the slay folder.
  4. Double click on injector and you will see some commands working on gta.
  5. Open gta again when it says loading ytd.
  6. Done, enjoy the game.

How to use Slay Recovery Only version (risky)

  1. Download the recovery pack from provided link below.
  2. Extract the zip file on your desktop home.
  3. Now open xenos64.exe and inject slayrc.dll to gta5.exe process.
  4. Keys to open and close slay recovery is: F6 and use mouse to navigate.
  5. Done, enjoy.

How to use Both Slay Menu versions at the Same time

  1. After downloading both the versions place them at their mentioned locations.
  2. Now open slay safe injector.exe first and wait for it to complete process, go to game and check by pressing F5 if its opening.
  3. Now go to slay recovery folder and open xenos64 and inject slayrc.dll to gta 5 process.
  4. done, but i’ll still recommend you to not use recovery menu, rest is on you.



  1. Extract Files
  2. Start GTA5
  3. Run “setup.exe” and install the menu (Dont forget to click the box that says “Create a desktop shortcut” for the ability to open the launcher from desktop after the installation)
  4. Choose “Slay” by clicking on the picture
  5. Click on “Get Key” to get a Key
  6. When you got your code paste it in the box and click “Login”
  7. When in story mode click “Inject” | Open Key [F5]
  8. Enjoy!
  9. Support : (Click Here)
  10. Other GTA V Hack (Click Here)








Only logged in users can download cheat.


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