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Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List | 2024 Updated Characters Tier List

UNDETECTED Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List

 Last Version: 10/03/2024

 Developers: LapPl4ND

Are you seeking for the greatest Snowbreak Containment Zone Characters? See our detailed Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List. SCZ is a fresh new Gacha game in which you can acquire a large number of heroes and utilize them in both PvE and PVP game modes.

We rank all of the Operatives from SS to B in this Snowbreak Containment Zone guide. This makes it more difficult for rookie players, in particular, to determine which Snowbreak Containment Zone Operatives to utilize in their squad, and forces players to continuously check to see if their favorite troops are still viable in battle.

As a result, we’ve created this Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list, in which we rate all of the Operatives in the game based on their overall power in each game mode. Aside from the tier list, we’ve built a Snowbreak Containment Zone Wiki page with a wealth of information on the game. But if picking the best of the best is not enough for you to get better, we also recommend checking out one of our free cheats, the Snowbreak Containment Zone Free Cheat.

Snowbreak Containment Zone characters Ranking Meaning

In the game, the “Characters” are the Operatives you will utilize to battle opponents in both PvP and PvE modes.

Some Snowbreak Containment Zone Operatives perform best when paired with specific Operatives or require synergy, but others are excellent across all game types and do not require synergy to attain their full potential.

You may use our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List to discover which Operatives are the greatest in the game. Before we go to the tier list, let’s look at the ranking standards or Tier rating guide.

On this Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List , Snowbreak Containment Zone Operatives are classified into four primary Tiers: Tiers SS, S, A, and B are available.

Snowbreak Tier List – Best Characters 

Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List – Best Operatives

Yao Winter Solstice (Sniper) – Snowbreak Tier SS

Yao Winter Solstice is a powerful exoskeleton that uses the sun’s flames to unleash severe Thermal damage. She specializes at long-range warfare and bossing as a strong Sniper, making her a fearsome force on the battlefield.

How to Acquire:

The Battle Assembly Echo Pool and Duty’s Command Echo Pool are both good places to get Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice excels at long-range combat, making her an excellent choice for bossing and dealing massive Thermal damage from afar.

Use the charge ability of Scorching Sun Awakening to reload Scorching Sun Bullets and deal explosive Thermal DMG to opponents.

Winter Solar Corona has the ability to trap foes and provide constant Burning effect damage, making it ideal for crowd control.

To boost CRIT DMG Amplifier and damage output, master the Solar Flare condition during her Ultimate Skill, Searing Resurrection.

Scorching Sun Awakening, her active skill, delivers deadly high-damage shots, while Searing Resurrection, her ultimate skill, offers her a supercharged pistol and decreases damage suffered.

Manifest 1 changes the game by allowing her to reload her special weapon from Searing Resurrection.
Neuronics for both active and ultimate skills are critical for her to reach her full potential.

Fenny Coronet (Shotgun): – Snowbreak Tier SS

Off-Tank, Close Range/Break DPS

Snowbreak Fenny Coronet’s massive self-buffs from the active ability, Optimal Condition, and AoE crowd control from the ultimate talent, Center Stage, initially appear to be an attempt to make a DPS shotgun operative.

She not only shreds boss health bars in break situations and eliminates the need for reloading during vital periods, but her support skill also directly enhances the active operative, increasing her total usefulness.

Manifest strength: While useful without manifests, manifest 1 delivers a huge power boost. Sunny Payback is a recommended weapon for improved quality of life.

Recommended Neuronics: All six neuronics provide significant upgrades, so evaluate your chosen playstyle and investment level for Coronet.

Long Range Single Target DPS, Bossing

Snowbreak is a fantastic sharpshooter with an unusual twist. Marian Swift does not necessitate manual targeting. Cloud Shot, her active skill, automatically locks onto chosen targets, and her next normal shot follows suit. This enables for continuous mobility while maintaining consistent DPS. Aiming at marked targets, on the other hand, increases standard rounds’ damage by 20%.

Manifest strength: A significant manifest investment is required to release her actual potential, as the strength of her powers is primarily locked behind manifests. Swift falls to Tier 1 without at least manifest 2, and possibly even Tier 2 without manifest 1.

Neuronics: Both active skill and ultimate neuronic investments are worthwhile. Her assistance abilities are more specialised and situational in nature.

Fritia Little Sunshine (Assault Rifle): – Snowbreak Tier S

Support, Mid-Range Mobbing

Fritia distinguishes herself as a support operative by enhancing the active operative’s damage with her support talent. Her active operating performance is Tier 2, but her true value is in her support ability.

Manifest strength: Useful even without manifestations, but Strawberry Shortcake increases the worth of her support talent.

Neuronics: Both support skill neuronics are really valuable. Prioritize her active skill neuronic that enhances its range if utilized as an active operative for better group control.

Enya “Big Sis” (Pistol) – Snowbreak Tier S

Yao Support Slave, Mobbing/CC

Enya is a strange blend of powers, attempting both mobbing and single-target DPS, but failing in both. Her active skill’s range is insufficient for groups of foes that are not in close proximity, limiting its efficacy. Her support talent, on the other hand, works extremely well with Winter Solstice, multiplying the next shot’s damage by up to 40% and considerably increasing Winter Solstice’s power.

Manifest strength: She is useful even without manifests, but Prismatic Igniter increases her support potential even more.

Neuronics: Her neuronics all provide significant boosts. Prioritize increasing her support neuronics to enhance her Winter Solstice support.

Marian Queen of Pain (Sniper) – Snowbreak Tier A

Long Range DPS/Burst, Bossing

Queen of Pain is close to attaining Tier 0. She excels at dealing high-damage, which encourages smart positioning in order to maximize her passive bonus to ADS ballistic damage when stationary. Her ultimate ability has a low cooldown and energy cost, which makes her ideal for mini-boss takedowns without feeling obligated to store it for major boss fights like Winter Solstice.

Her active talent, Smokescreen, is situational, allowing her to escape tight areas or inflict added damage while utilizing her ultimate after unlocking the relevant neuronic.

Manifest strength: She can be effective in a variety of situations even without manifesting. However, manifest 1 improves her performance even further, making her even more formidable. She isn’t dependant on a single weapon, although Mark of Mesmer is advised to improve her ADS playstyle.

Neuronics: Upgrade her ultimate neuronics first, then the other four for overall improvements.

Acacia [Redacted] (Pistol) – Snowbreak Tier A

Mobbing, Mid Range DPS

Acacia stands out as one of the best mobbing operators thanks to her active skill’s bouncing daggers, which annihilate densely packed hordes of foes. Once upgraded, her ultimate delivers a damage increase and slows bosses, making it valuable for assisting other DPS troops in targeting weak places under decreased pressure.

Manifest strength: She is valuable even without manifests, making her a top mobster. Nexus is chosen for increasing the damage of her skills.

Her active skill cooldown reduction neuronic is extremely valuable, allowing for more dagger recharges during combat. It is also recommended that she invest in the neuronic that improves operative attack in her ultimate zone.

Yao Quiet Quitter (Sniper) – Snowbreak Tier A

Mid/Long Range General DPS, Healer

Yao, the game’s lone healer, shines as a sniper who transforms into a fast-firing DPS with an infinite magazine during her active ability, Fire Minute Break. Her healing efficacy through her support skill and ultimate cannot be overstated, and she is especially useful in difficult levels like Abyss Purge.

Manifest strength: She is useful even without manifestations, but her potential is enhanced by manifest investments. Once her neuronics are unlocked, a Frost sniper is advised for best performance. Olympus is an excellent weapon option.

Both active skill neuronics are highly suggested to boost her DPS. For increased versatility, prioritize the neuronic that allows her support skill’s healing drone to follow the active operative. Individual playstyle preferences can be used to upgrade other neuronics.

Lyfe Wild Hunt (Submachine Gun) – Snowbreak Tier A

Close Range DPS, Mobbing/CC

A strong operative hampered by the SMG weapons class’s limitations. Wild Hunt excels at mobbing and crowd control, and may exceed Coronet in groups of unarmored foes. Due to the SMG’s reflection rate, damage dropoff, and recoil inaccuracy, her damage lowers dramatically against distance or armored adversaries.

Manifest strength: Useful even without manifestations, however manifest 1 increases her skill uptime greatly. Stardust Memory is favored, as it improves her powers.

Both active skill neuronics are a high priority since they have a direct impact on her performance. Individual preferences may influence the remaining neuronics.

Mauxir Kitty (Submachine Gun) – Snowbreak Tier A

Single Target DPS, Bossing

Mauxir is the only viable bossing SMG operative, because to her unique soul grab mechanic, which allows her to avoid common SMG flaws and do efficient damage to bosses. Her ultimate ability delivers a strong self-buff, while the execution effect’s use is debatable. While she is an excellent boss, she may experience difficulties when dealing with mobs.

Manifest strength: Useful even in the absence of manifests, but manifest investments are advantageous. Her favored weapon is hydchlorous acid.

Neuronics: Both active skill neuronics are top priorities, while the others have a minor impact on her performance.

Fenny Lionheart – Snowbreak Tier B

(Shotgun – Close Range CC/Mobility)

Fenny’s Queen Bee ability limits her to one trick, but it’s a really good one. Queen Bee provides her with exceptional mobility and crowd management abilities.

She has a good synergy with Coronet, which allows her to deliver Coronet into a crowd of adversaries for powerful assaults. Even in the absence of manifests,

Fenny remains valuable despite not having a specialized weapon. Her Tiny Grains manifest complements her initiator function well. Her active skill neuronics are robust and well worth developing.

Cherno Those Two – Snowbreak Tier B

(Submachine Gun – Close Range DPS):

Cherno is a peculiar operative with intriguing value. Her active skill allows for an area interrupt, and her support skill enables for relocation. Her ultimate ability, Clear Empty Skies, summons Beloberg for high damage output.

While certain control constraints are required, manifest 1 is advised for Cherno to achieve a baseline level of efficacy. She can be used offensively with Arctic Fox or defensively as an off-tank with other characters.

Hydrochloric acid. Cherno’s neuronics all provide significant enhancements, with ultimate ability neuronics taking precedence.

Lyfe Wednesday – Snowbreak Tier B

(Submachine Gun – Close Range DPS – Mobbing):

Lyfe’s Wednesday variant is a less expensive counterpart of her SSR variant, Wild Hunt. In comparison to Wild Hunt’s Frost Wolves, her attack drones lack considerable damage and CC. While her support and ultimate abilities have high CC, her rarer variation outperforms them.

She can quickly progress up to Tier 1 with better damage ratios. Wednesday is not overly reliant on manifests, however manifest 1 is typically gotten via free shards. She isn’t dependant on a single weapon, as Duckling and Work-in-Progress are both viable options.

Her neuronics significantly improve her powers, particularly those that recharge drone duration.

Haru The Ace – Snowbreak Tier B

(Pistol – Mid-Range DPS – Bossing):

Haru’s kit is a little cumbersome, with skills that don’t work well together. Her active skill, Triple Tap, requires charging to be effective, although the extended charge period reduces gun DPS. While her ultimate ability, Sword of Oaths, applies a knock-up and gives decent follow-up damage, it tries to do two things and isn’t especially good at either. Her Vanishing Phantom support ability, which is designed to be used against low-health enemies, has a very short range, restricting its usefulness. Despite manifest and neuronic enhancements, Haru is unable to establish a consistent gameplay approach. Her preferred weapon is Star Ocean, but investing on it may be risky given her recent performance.

Nita Hands – Snowbreak Tier B

Nita provides a solution in the absence of a problem. Her active ability creates significant personal shielding and provides strong close-range CC. With her ultimate and support abilities as essential CC tools, she transforms into a powerful shield tank with excellent endurance.

However, due to the absence of enemy damage in comparison to other characters in Snowbreak Containment Zone, the game does not currently require a main tank. Furthermore, Nita’s DPS output is insufficient for her to be a viable shotgun DPS like Coronet, and she lacks Lionheart’s mobility.

Nita, despite manifest and neuronic upgrades, does not have a stable place in the current meta, making her less appealing when compared to other alternatives for improving DPS output.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List Wiki

Snowbreak TierList –  SS Tier

Yao Winter Solstice (Sniper) – A powerful exoskeleton that excels in long-range combat and bossing.

Snowbreak TierList –  S Tier

Fenny Coronet (Shotgun) – AoE crowd control and powerful self-buffs.

Marian Swift (Sniper) – Automatic target locking, ideal for long-range single-target DPS.

Fritia Little Sunshine (Assault Rifle) – A strong support operative who increases the damage of the active operative.

Snowbreak TierList –  A Tier

Enya “Big Sis” (Pistol) – Assistive operative who increases the harm done by Winter Solstice.
Marian Queen of Pain (Sniper) – Long-range DPS with burst damage.
Acacia [Redacted] (Pistol) – Excellent mobbing and DPS in the mid-range.
Yao Quiet Quitter (Sniper) – A sniper who can also heal.
Lyfe Wild Hunt (Submachine Gun) – Excellent crowd control and mobbing.
Mauxir Kitty (Submachine Gun) – Skilled SMG operator.

Snowbreak TierList –  B Tier

Fenny Lionheart (Shotgun) – Excellent crowd control and movement.
Cherno Those Two (Submachine Gun) – A one-of-a-kind utility that includes area interrupt and repositioning.
Lyfe Wednesday (Submachine Gun) – A low-budget variant of Wild Hunt with excellent mobbing.

Snowbreak TierList –  C Tier

Haru The Ace (Pistol) – DPS in the mid-range with clumsy abilities.
Nita Hands (Shotgun) – A capable shield tank with no apparent place in the current meta.

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