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Tavern of Gods Trainer 2021 Free Download

UNDETECTED Tavern of Gods Trainer

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Hello everyone, today I’m here with a trainer for the game Taver of Gods. Tavern of Gods Trainer is a hack mod menu developed for the indie game called Tavern of Gods. This trainer has multiple hack features like infinite health and mana, no skill cooldown, infinite diamond, gold, silver and coins and many more.

About Tavern of Gods

“Tavern of Gods” is a roguelite auto battle game. Players collect heroes, skills, followers, and equipment to form various builds to fight with random monsters. Every expedition can get new items, and then you can experience more different builds next time.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

Tavern of Gods Trainer Infinite Health and Mana Hack

Health and mana are the core elements of auto battle games. These two elements play a very important role in Tavern of Gods as well. Whether you are going to lose or now depens on the level of your health and mana. If you have no health you will lose meaning that it is very important to important to keep your health high at all times in order to win.

When it comes to mana, at certain situtions you will want to sacrifice your health for you mana because without mana you cannot use your skills and therefore cannot do a good amount of damage to the enemy. That’s why it’s important to keep your mana under control as well.

But with the help of the Tavern of Gods Trainer you now do not have to care about these two anymore because this hack will keep your health and mana full at all times meaning that you can go crazy without having to worry about what is going to happen to your health and mana.

Tavern of Gods Trainer No Skill Cooldown Hack

Skills are unique abilities that have specific functions, you can use skills to do damage to the enemy’s followers (followers are the little characters that fight in the arena) or you can defend yourself if the skill allows you to. But skills cost mana and have cooldowns in order to avoid spamming of spells because otherwise it would be too overpowered and you would just spam everything and defeat the enemy followers very easily. And the Tavern of Gods Trainer lets you do exactly that! With this hack feature your skills will no longer have cooldown meaning that if you combine this with infinite health and mana, you can spam all you want and have tons of fun.

Tavern of Gods Trainer Infinite Diamond, Gold and Silver

Diamong, Gold and Silver are three different currencies used in Tavern of Gods to buy specific items and upgrades. Without these you cannot buy items and upgrades to make your followers stronger and better. Obviously there are ways to earn gold, silver and diamond but if you are too lazy to grind and have patience like me, you can just the infinite diamond, gold and silver hack of the trainer and go crazy with your money.

How to install and use Tavern of Gods Trainer?
  1. Download the .rar archive containing the trainer dll and some other files required for the trainer to work
  2. Extract the compressed file anywhere on your computer with a WINRAR or 7zip (.rar password: cheatermad.com)
  3. Follow this tutorial on how to inject trainer dlls using BepInEx
    Extra step after that: Extract the folder called “unity-libs” in the BepInEx folder as well
  4. Start Tavern of Gods
  5. And enjoy the trainer 🙂
Tavern of Gods Trainer Features and Hotkeys
  • Toggle Infinite Health and Mana (RightShift + Z)
  • Toggle No Skill Cooldown (RightShift + Q)
  • Add Diamons (RightShift + D)
  • Add Gold (RightShift + G)
  • Add Silver (RightShift + S)
  • Add Hero Coins (RightShift + H)
  • Add Loot Coins (RightShift + L)
  • Add Minigame Coins (RightShift + M)
  • Add Trade Vouchers (RightShift + V)
  • Add Character Rechoose Coins (RightShift + )R
  • Add Devil Chests (RightShift + C)
  • Add Bombs (RightShift + B)
Gameplay Screenshots

download tavern of gods trainer

tavern of gods mod menu

download taver of gods hack

Developer Note

Trainer for Tavern of Gods. Infinite health & Mana, no skill cooldown’s, and add all the currency you want.

info blueRequirements:
Working install of BepInEx v6 (latest Bleeding-Edge Build) for IL2CPPNOTE: Get x86 version for this game.Install:
Place file within the ‘BepInEx\plugins’ folder

Extract the ‘unity-libs’ archive and drop the folder that contain’s all the .dll’s into the BepInEx folder. (Make sure their’s not sub-folder’s in ‘unity-libs’. It should be just BepInEx\unity-libs.

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