TigerSploit Executor (Level 7)


 Version: 2

 Developers: csgo fever.dll #5147

TigerSploit Executor (Level 7) is a powerful and FREE

executor that is krnl powered so unfortunately it has a key.
If you have any problems with TigerSploit feel free to join our discord here!: https://dsc.gg/tigersploit



1. Is TigerSploit a virus/Trojan?
No it is not it’s due to obfuscation that it detects as a Trojan, etc virus. If you don’t trust that it is safe you can do your research or just not download it.
2. My Anti-Virus keeps detecting TigerSploit as a virus, how do I stop it?
If you are using Windows Defender you have to go to virus and threat protection, manage settings, add exclusions and lastly whitelist the boot strapper and when you run it whitelist the other files. Or simply you can just turn Windows Defender protection off.
3. How do I get a key?
To get a key you must go through all the ad links (2)
4. How long do keys last for?

Keys last for 1 week (we are usually too lazy to change the key so 1 week or more))

TigerSploit Executor


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