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Trailmakers Cheat Trainer v1.2 | Trailmakers Hack Download

OUTDATED Trailmakers Cheat Trainer | Trailmakers Hack Download

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Trailmakers Cheat Trainer is the perfect hack mod that has every features that you need including Infinite / Unlimited Credits and Experience Hack and so much more!

What is Trailmakers?

Build a car, a plane, a boat or maybe a… carplaneboat? With Trailmakers intuitive builder, it is as easy as snapping together real building blocks. Take your machines on dangerous exploration missions, breakneck rally races, or go to the sandbox and build that hovercraft you have always dreamt about.

  • Build intuitively with modular blocks – it is easy to get started, and the possibilities are almost infinite.
  • Explore a vast open world and escape the planet in the survival game mode “Stranded in Space”
  • Go on breakneck rally races with vehicles of your own making.


Trailmakers Cheat Trainer Features

  • 10.000.000 Credits
  • Skip Tutorial
  • Add Level Experience
  • Unlock All Blocks
  • Unlock Full Sandbox Mode

How to Use Trailmakers Cheat Trainer

  1. Download Trailmakers Cheat Trainer down below
  2. After the download, extract the DLL file
  3. Use one of the following methods to inject the cheat into the game:
    Sharpmono Injector
  4. Enjoy and have fun!

Developer Notes

Fixed for Current Game version (High Seas DLC), added unlocked new blocks and made it more thorough for base item’s and special items. Added extend Radar range which if enabled before Unlock blocks will find special items also. Also added the ability add extra energy cores to the build budget.

Heavy obfuscation by the Dev, they actually obfuscated framework assemblies! They used BeeByte Obfuscator which you can use this to de-Obfuscate which is better than de4dot https://github.com/ioncodes/beeless All to protect their precious in-game credits. How can they even say they support modding when everything is obfuscated? Well, throw that out the window since you don’t have to buy them with this trainer. Unlock ALL blocks, give credits, give experience, etc. See screens. Once you make your changes and save then you won’t need to inject again, you only need to run it once.

I’m not sure if you’ll get banned in MP, there’s detection routines, but there’s a flaw in the game logic, so no guarantees. I can’t test since I’m using cracked version.

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