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Until We Die Trainer

UNDETECTED Until We Die Trainer

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Until We Die Trainer is a trainer cheat for the very new released game Until We Die. This trainer includes many rich features like learn all tech, mod weapon, health and stamina all with hotkeys.

And since Until We Die is a very new game, I though I should tell you about it a bit more.
Until We Die is a base defense strategy game. Your base is the subway station, it’s underground part. You’ll have to defend it against all sorts of things, brought in by meteorites. To win, you have to survive for about 30 game days, fending off all the attacks on the base

How to setup Until We Die Trainer?
  1. Download the UntilWeDieTrainer.rar file
  2. Extract the .rar file wherever you’d like on your computer (.rar file password is under the download button which you need need to extract the files)
  3. Follow the BepInEx tutorial (Click HERE)
  4. Place file within the ‘BepInExplugins’ folder
    Extract the ‘unity-libs’ archive and drop the folder that contain’s all the .dll’s into the BepInEx folder. (Make sure their’s not sub-folder’s in ‘unity-libs’. It should be just BepInExunity-libs.
  5. Start Until We Die
  6. Enjoy!

Need further help? Click HERE to join our Discord server. Until We Die Trainer

Features and Hotkeys
  • Reprint Hotkeys [F1]
  • Mod Weapon [RightShift + W]
  • Mod Health & Stamina [RightShift + H]
  • Learn All Tech [RightShift + T]
  • Give Resources [RightShift + R]
  • Add Shields & Molotov’s [RightShift + A]
  • Mod Placed Weapons, Stalkers & Snipers [RightShift + P]
  • Add Workshop Items [RightShift + B]
  • Upgrade Handcar (Don’t use unless you got full pop) [RightShift + C]
  • Toggle Game Speed [RightShift + S]

Developer Note

Trainer for Until We Die. Should be all you need, see screens. Note though right now when the dev released the game they fucked up on game saving. They say they’ll have it fixed within a week or two. Cool little game, crude graphics but interesting, a little repetitive running back and forth, but with the weapon mod you don’t have too, the range will take care of anything on either side.

info blueRequirements:

Working install of BepInEx v6 (latest Bleeding-Edge Build) for IL2CPP.

Until We Die Trainer

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