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Valorant Color Aimbot Bypass – New Updated 2024

UNDETECTED Valorant Color Aimbot Bypass

 Last Version: 13/04/2024

 Developers: fgytb

Hi, today I will explain to you the working logic of the color aimbot hacks for valorant and why they have it banned. I can explain it very simply. Color aimbots are determined by color, as the name suggests. For example, in the valorant game, you can make three colors around the enemies with a thin layer. Yellow, purple, and red. It changes these colors in the color aimbot settings and makes it turn towards the purple side if there is purple on the screen. That’s why your job is a bit difficult if you have a basil character in your team. Now let’s see how this valorant color aimbot bypass is used!

How to Use VALORANT Color Aimbot Bypass:
  • Download the .rar
  • Extract to the desktop
  • Run the Installer
  • Restart the PC
  • Keep Logitech Gaming Hub open at the bottom right without running into events
  • Use with Interception (so you need use with interception)
  • Then inject OUR PIXEL AIMBOT HACK dll into the 32-bit program

If you have any problems or questions regarding this valorant pixel aimbot bypass, or if you are a developer, you can contact us at our discord address for support. CLICK HERE to go to our discord server!

Valorant Color Aimbot Bypass

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