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Valorant Elita Free Cheat – ESP and Aimbot Features 2023

OUTDATED Valorant Elita Free Cheat

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: ricardo2

Valorant Elita Free Cheat is a Free Valorant Hack Project developed by ricardo. Its features are visible in the images, and you must complete the instructions below to run this hack. Other projects of the developer are featured on our website and all credits go to Ricardo2.

Don’t forget to Join the Developer’s Discord Server. Tested only on win10home 20h2 and 21h1 but idk what will be on 20h1 and win11 not tested ! if you have errors and you don’t see a solution, unfortunately, I can’t help you.

valorant elita free cheat
valorant elita free cheat


How to Use Valorant Elita Free Cheat ;

  • Download Valorant Elita Free Cheat.rar and unpack to folder.

With name Valorant Elita Free Cheat in this folder you have 2 folders , Cheto and Driver . Go to folder Driver and edit file StartUcDriver.bat then edit line sc create TECH2 binPath="C:\Users\twojs\Desktop\valo-elitagames\Driver\driwer.sys " type=Kernel you need to rename the folder to yours for the driver to load .do not run yet then read step 2.

  • Turn off all your defender/antiviros and firewall defender try with

Then turn off in bios ( secure boot and cms ) I don’t know what motherboard you have but you can find tutorials on youtube then check your time and data in windows settings ..in the settings, you must have the time search set automatically (if after the restart pc and install driver it does not work, set the time Europe and uninstal driver ,restart pc , and install again ) Install all the type components you need to run cheeto and driver Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One off all graphics card overlays and discord.

  • If you’ve already done everything, try uninstalling the driver, open

It as admin removedriver.bat and restart pc . Then open StartUcDriver.bat as admin and you should have a driver succes load. Then run game and in looby run \Desktop\valo-elitagames\Cheat\ValoKeaz.exe 

  •  Insert to open Valorant Elita Free Cheat menu , enjoy.

There may be bluescrens or driver detection due to lack of unchecked antivirus or incorrect system version. then turn off all antivir and try to uninstall the driver, reset your computer and reinstall the driver. you will not receive a ban as the driver is detected.

If there are other errors while installing the driver

  • [SC] CreateService SUCCESS (then uninstall restart pc and instal driver again )
  • [SC] StartService FAILED3: The system cannot find the path specified. ( step1 )
  • CreateService FAILED 1073:

The specified service already exists. ( uninstall driver and restart pc ) The system cannot accept the date entered. (check step2 or check in the settings WINDOWS, you must have the time search set automatically if after the restart pc and install driver it does not work, set the time Europe and uninstal driver ,restart pc , and install again driverr )

  • StartService FAILED 577 or others ( TURN OFF ALL ANTIVIRUS AND TURN OFF IN BIOS SECURE BOOT AND CMS Please check good instruction and tested windows version. Then always uninstal driver and restart pc , then install again)
  • ValoKeaz.exe – The code execution cannot proceed becouse VCRUNTIME140.dll was not fount . ( Install step 2 )
  • Vanguard has detected the following incompatible software on your system ( dont worry you will not be banned just unisntall driver , restart pc , install again driver .. read good instruction turn off all antivirus and secure boot and cms ) check new video
  • If you don’t see your error here, don’t worry, maybe I’ll find a solution soon, but at the moment I can’t help you For win 1709 aim doesnt work

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  1. 190343

    working good but waiting for 1709 aimbot

  1. 190780

    right now the hack doesn’t work because of the new pass it doesn’t work now I don’t know why they should update it it doesn’t work I tried in all ways but right now it doesn’t work because before the pass it worked but not anymore when you update the hack let me know

  2. 190343

    working good but waiting for 1709 aimbot

  3. 45327

    Hi, what should I do, I did everything according to the instructions, the cheat was activated, but the functions did not work, I checked in training. What to do?

  4. 183306

    Hi, thiis if pineapple_L’s iam on youre discord server, and i need help with the problem of [SC] StartService Failed 647

    the problem was the vanguard detects driwer, i did the step tutorials and it didn’t work, please help me with this problem i’ve been asking for you to respond at the support on you’re discord server but you didnt respond, i always need to wait about 2 days for you to respond (LUL)

    And i also followed the video of [FIX DETECTED DRIVER RESTART PC] video but still vanguard keeps detecting it

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