valorant trigger bot

 Version: 1.2

 Developers: Unknown

Hello, anyone can easily use this free valorant trigger bot cheat. It is very simple to make because it is an external cheat. You can also understand how to do it from the how to use section at the bottom of the page. Now let’s get to the features of cheating.
There is only the trigger bot feature in the Valorant triglock cheat, this feature is very nice for some. For some, it’s too plain. But if your aim is a little good, you can use it because you don’t need to shoot. If you don’t like this cheat, you can check out other valorant cheats by clicking here.

How to Use Valorant Trigger bot Hack:

  • Download triglock.rar
  • Extract to desktop
  • Read readme.txt file and open valorant
  • Set your settings
  • ENJOY!

The cheat is that simple to make. You can use the cheat by downloading it from the red button below. The Valorant trigger bot cheat is a completely free cheat for valorant. It is easy to use and an undetected cheat. Free valorant hack! If you have problems or questions about cheats, you can come to our discord server and ask us. Or if you want to develop cheats with us, we can contribute to your cheats by writing to the founders. You can come to our discord server by clicking here.


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