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ValoRigger V4 Release – Free Valorant TriggerBot Cheat

OUTDATED ValoRigger V4

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: mahircayan

This is the best Aimbot hack for ValoRigger V4 Release Hack for Valorant . This Free Valorant TriggerBot Cheat was sold by Turkish developers for a fee, but some Turkish developers did not allow it and released it. ValoRigger V4 consists of a menu with a Turkish interface, so I recommend you to test it in polygon while using it.

Important: Please don’t use this Valorant Hack if you don’t know how to remove hardware ban!
Valorant can help you with your hardware ban: MadSpoofer

valorigger v4

Features ofFree Valorant TriggerBot Cheat:

  • X-Y (fov) Setting
  • Fire Rate Adjustment
  • Key Assignment
  • Spray Assistant
  • Sniper Mode
  • Config System
  • Streamproof (Hides the cheat completely from the screen)
  • All colors.
  • Setting the color range.
  • 3 different key modes.

How to use ValoRigger V4:

  1. Extract the rar file to the desktop (pass 123)
  2. Run Loader.exe y while your valorant game is closed. (Do not delete or move the valorigger.ldr file, otherwise the menu will not come up / the cheat will not work)
  3. After the ValoRrigger Menu open, enter the game and apply the following settings.
  4. Your Game Display settings must be “full screen with windows“. (there will be no blackness on the upper and lower parts.)
  5. In the general settings of the Valorant Game, “pure input time” will be turned off.

Note: It does not spray anywhere except the color on the enemy. Don’t ask why the enemy’s body doesn’t get bored. (Lower your fov setting if it shoots to the right or left of the enemy! )

Menu Key: Insert / Delete
Working systems: Works on all systems.
Supported Windows: Full window (Window and Full Screen not supported! Trigger bot won’t work!
Virus Total : laoder.exe valorigger.ldr

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  1. 143847

    release failed!!

  1. 187819

    How do I use this? do i run the loader.exe?

    • 68189

      Yes the instruction do say so. Keep in mind that Valorant has to be closed when running loader.exe (according to the instructions). Also this might be outdated.

  2. 185724

    cnai use it just esp safely?

  3. 184457

    Doesnt work when i click on the exe a cmd pops up and closes after a sec

  4. 123833

    If I use only the spray control can I get banned ?

  5. 123833

    is this risky if i use it smart and not playing too obviously ? Can it be detected by vanguard

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