Warzone External Recoil Control

warzone external recoil control

 Version: 1.5

 Developers: Giusoso

Warzone External Recoil Control

Warzone External Recoil Control, In the Warzone game, it will prevent your weapons from recoil and give you a better gaming experience. Please use External Recoil Control carefully, which is kept updated by the developer. I suggest you make updates every day. You can do this by visiting our website. It has not been detected yet, but I wanted to share Warzone External Recoil Control as At Your Own Risk for your safety.

I used this tool in warzone and csgo for now without ban , but i thinks it’s normal becouse it just the movement of the mouse , anyways if you try it “use at your own risk” becouse the only thing it has is some junk code in the top (to avoid some anti cheat scanning the first line of the code , idk if i’m right so please correct me if i’m wrong .
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This is the look of the tool when you start it:immagine 2021 05 20 205400

There are 2 mode , one that move the mouse down while pressing the R and L button of the mouse ,and one that move down the mouse only by pressing the L button

immagine 2021 05 20 162020

made a video about this tool:


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