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Wreckfest Game Cheat Table | Money, XP Hack & More

UNDETECTED Wreckfest Game Cheat Table

 Last Version: 12/02/2024

 Developers: crazycore

Here is a brand new Wreckfest Game Cheat Table for you. With this cheat, you will have many features and privileges. For example, you increase your points or increase your experience. Now you can download it for free from our website.

This is a really simple table that should work online and can be used to gain fame.
Works with the last update.

About Wreckfest

Break the rules and push the limits of full contact races with Wreckfest!
Expect epic skirmishes, head-to-head battles to the finish line, and brand new ways of metal bending. These are once-in-a-lifetime moments only available at Wreckfest, the game’s physics simulation was designed by legendary developer Bugbear, who brought you FlatOut 1 & 2!

wreckfest game cheat table

Wreckfest Game Cheat Table Features

  • Can modify during races:

    • Points
    • Number of Wrecks
    • Damage done
    • Lap number
  • Can modify on the game menu:

    • Money
    • Experience

How to Use the Wreckfest Game Cheat Table

  1. Download the trainer from the download button right below this article
  2. Extract the contents of the downlaoded .zip archive
  3. Install Cheat Engine
  4. Open the cheat table with Cheat Engine
  5. Enjoy, have fun and check out our other trainer hacks!

Lap number – Change the lap number you are in. (Use with caution! This can ban you if not used correctly!)
If you change the lap number to the total of laps before crossing the start line at the beginning of the race this will make you to beat the world lap record and you can be banned for that!
ALWAYS wait for the Bots to do a complete lap before crossing the starting line!

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