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Minecraft Aurora Cristalix Cheat | AuroraClient v2

CRACK Minecraft Aurora Cristalix Cheat | AuroraClient

 Last Version: 08/03/2024

 Developers: ILOKISUP

Minecraft Aurora Cristalix Cheat is a Free to Download Hacked Client for Minecraft especially made for the Cristalix online server of Minecraft

This quite useful Hacked Client for Minecraft with some incredibly over-powered features such as KillAura, Fly, ESP and many more functions that you can just download and use right this moment. Keep in mind that this hacked client is specially developed for the Cristalix server.

How to Use Minecraft Aurora Cristalix Cheat

  1. Download the Minecraft Aurora Cristalix Cheat archive
  2. Copy and paste the aurora folder on the C: drive
  3. Go to the Users folder on the C: drive and in it look for the user under whom you are sitting on the PC, find the .cristalix folder in it, and in this MiniGames
  4. Next, from the aurora folder on the C: drive, transfer minecraft.jar to the MiniGames folder
  5. Run ripped.jar which is located in the aurora folder (do not touch or delete the original.jar)
  6. Launch Minecraft
  7. Come on the server with the cheat and enjoy!

auroraclient 1

Minecraft Aurora Cristalix Cheat Features

  • Fly
  • AutoSprint
  • NoFall
  • KillAura
  • MobAura
  • HitBoxes
  • Glowing
  • AntiKnockBack
  • PlayerESP
  • BunnyHop
  • LongJump

Developer Notes | Minecraft Aurora Cristalix Cheat

Warning – do not confuse a cheat with another cheat for another game with the same name.
I decided to buy to see what it provides. As a result, it turned out to be working on a public bypass, and it was not difficult to pull out several files.
Pros – npc, boards and the rest work (can be played on all games)

Most likely, some who will run ripped.jar at startup will have an error (when loading the client in the launcher) The fix is
simple: run the original crystalix launcher (or original.jar from the aurora folder) run the client (the launcher will update everything) and close the client. Then again replace minecraft.jar according to the instructions and run ripped.jar. You can play!


To run it, you will need Fabric and Fabric API 1.20.4 (all information is on the GitHub link).

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