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Apex Legends Multi-Script | NoRecoil & Colour Aim

UNDETECTED Apex Legends Multi-Script

 Last Version: 19/05/2022

 Developers: A WeirD KiD#0119 & od9m & mgsweet

Apex Legends Multi-Script | NoRecoil & Colour Aim is a very simple cheat made using the AutoHotKey API. It is completely safe to use and UNDETECTED. This .ahk script is a mixture of two Apex Legends scripts made by two different individuals. For more info, open credits.txt located in the same folder as all the other files. For support pls contact me Discord A WeirD KiD#0119 or leave a comment under this post.

Note: ADS mode must be set to Hold and not Toggle. Also make sure to turn off your Anti-Virus (hyde.dll and hyde64.dll may get flagged)

apex legends multi-script

Features of Apex Legends Multi-Script:

  • Colour Aimbot (Red)

This colour aimbot locks into anything red which means that it only works with gold optics.

  • Recoil Control (only when aimbot is active)

How to use the Apex Legends Multi-Script:

  1. Turn off your Anti-Virus System
  2. Download the .zip file
  3. Extract the .zip file
  4. Install AutoHotkey
  5. Open Apex Legends
  6. Find the folder with all the files and run gui.ahk
  7. Enjoy 🙂

Apex Legends Multi-Script | NoRecoil & Colour Aim Changelog: Added support for gold scopes

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Comments (135)

Popular Comments
  1. 115943


  1. 106114

    when i try the color aim it aims a little bit more to the left when using it

  2. 187021

    i got these weird flickering, after i update the pattern and ressolution from other file, its almost gone but its still have some flickering when aim on enemy

    • 68189

      This flickering has been an issue on the aimbot since the first version of the script (for some people). I don’t know why it started happening to you now but I can’t fix it unfortunately.

  3. 187017

    the best ahk script I’ve been playing for a month since the old versions

  4. 186912

    this is not work for me

  5. 164207

    Soo it works only gold scopes? thats kinda weird

    • 68189

      It’s not weird at all. Since this is a Colour Aimbot it only locks on a specific color. For this script the specified colour is red which means that you need a gold optic (digital threat) in order to turn the enemies red thus making the aimbot lock onto them. That’s how every colour bot / colour aimbot works.

  6. 186874

    Very much appreciate it,<3

  7. 186647

    Still working?

  8. 186614

    Just wondering if you are going to update this for season 13 as some recoil patterns have changed. Or if you could briefly explain to me how to do it myself, i have some scripting/ahk knowledge already. my disc is JackTheStripper#9811, hmu

  9. 184330

    It isn’t updated in a while. Is it still safe to use?

  10. 68189

    Hey everyone, my old Discord account got hacked. Do not click any links that you might receive from it and feel free to add me on my new one: A WeirD Alt#2737 for support or any questions. Thanks 🙂

  11. 185707

    does it stil work and how do u setup autohotkey

  12. 52026

    why it is sayng waiting now?

  13. 185678

    this only working if you got god optics to make them red??

  14. 185486

    How to set it up for controller?

  15. 185326

    how can i open the ahk file ?

  16. 185400

    when i activated the cheat and ads’d the camera would start spinning when i locked onto a enemy. i went into the firing range to test this out, and activated it, and when i did, i used the r-301 and it would randomly start to move around when i moved my camera onto the dummie. I already have everything ready, i dont know why this happened.

    • 185400

      my resolution is fine, 1920×1080, i dont know why it would start to swerve when i moved my ads camera onto an enemy.

      • 68189

        Was the NoRecoil working? If yes then there is nothing wrong. The reason your camera was moving around like that is because the colour aimbot detects and locks onto the colour red and thats why it gets confused and tries to move towards other stuff and ignores the dummies. To avoid that problem the use of gold optics (digital threat) is recommended

        • 185418

          the norecoil didnt work either, even after i turned it on. for the 301 i would just use no optics or attactments and it would just swerve randomly when my ads camera came close to a dummie. (even after i used gold optics on other guns like the r99)

        • 185418

          the norecoil didnt work, would still swerve, idk if im supposted to start the cheat before im in the firing range or after, or doing both of those did a difference, it would still swerve and no files were deleted.

  17. 68189

    You can now contact me on Twitter as well: https://twitter.com/sponggy_priest

  18. 185311

    hi i have a question how do i make it work on 1360×768

  19. 185307

    I think no longer working after last update right…? Got this its running I set correct parameters I go in firing range like in video even same weapon and no aim assist or norecoil…anyone?

    • 68189

      I have tested it after the update and bith the aim assist and the no recoil work as they did before. I think the issue might have something to do with your computer. If you need further assistance you can contact me on discord: A WeirD KiD#0119

  20. 185078

    “load library failed script terminated”?

  21. 185004

    not letting me uninstall the “hyde64.dll” because its open in “NIVIDIA CONTAINER”??? how can i delete it

  22. 184895

    Hi, i was just wondering what can i do if it dont work? it says
    LoadLibaray failed!
    script will now terminate
    i been using it just fine yesterday

  23. 157080

    is there any sensitive recommendation for sensitive in game 7.0 1280X720 resolution?

  24. 184740

    i try to open the gui.ahk and it says how do you want to open this file is there an app i need to download for it to open?

  25. 184723

    hi, sorry if my English is not perfect … I wanted to ask two things, the first and if it is possible to play it only for the non-recoil … the second and if these cheats after some time make you banish the same or they are pretty sure … thanks in advance

    • 68189

      You can use no-recoil only by running apexmaster.ahk instead of gui.ahk. This script is completely undetected, I’ve been using it for a long time now and I haven’t gotten banned

  26. 184688

    how to download?

  27. 184548

    Hey weird kid i dont know about you but my lock is very buggy and it sometimes doesnt lock and sometimes does

  28. 184548

    The Aimlock is very buggy and i cant scope in pls help

  29. 184548

    Cheat still undetected also whats the average time to get banned in apex

  30. 184532

    i did every thing as u said but it still not working

  31. 184527

    why do I need AutoHotKey? please explain.

  32. 184527

    why do I need AutoHotKey? please explain

  33. 184467

    I am not sure how to completely do this, could someone help me?

  34. 181833

    do i need something like a AHK hider?
    to hide the AHK process for being detected by apex?

  35. 181833

    is it still working?

  36. 184330

    Its detected. It was working in fire range and I queued in public. I didn’t even shoot in the game but got banned lmao

  37. 123833

    is it easy to get banned in apex legends(like valorant) if we are not cheating too obviously

    • 68189

      no, Apex doesn’t have such a “strong” Anti-Cheat like valorant but there always is a chance of getting banned

    • 181921

      Your apex has an anti-cheat engine so I recommend using a spoofer. make sure you change the hardware id before starting the cheat. That way, you’ll still be able to continue playing even if you’re banned.

  38. 184231

    What should I do when menu pops out? It shows Auto_fire , ads_only

  39. 184142

    Works with joystick?

  40. 184111

    where is the AutoHotKey?

  41. 62218


    – If you need help opening it etc or other problems dm me i can also help since i’ve got alot off free time.

  42. 68189

    Script now also has a NoRecoil scrip as well as a gui!

    • 68189

      it doesn’t nees to open, there is no menu. You just have to start it like any other application and then go play. To verify if it works you can check your tray and see if the AutoHotkey logo is there

  43. 62218

    Also Works With Purple Optics (Tested) – Works

    • 68189

      oh yeah I forgot those where a thing. It basically works with all digital threat optics. It even works with bloodhound’s ability the one that gives you “wallhacks”

  44. 68189

    For support leave a comment here or DM me on Discord A WeirD KiD#0119

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