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Ayo The Clown Free Trainer Hack 2021

UNDETECTED Ayo The Clown Free Trainer Hack 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Ayo The Clown Free Trainer Hack 2021

Ayo The Clown Free Trainer Hack is a cheat made for Ayo The Clown. This is a cheat that will provide you with all your which you can download for free on our website.

About Ayo The Clown

In Ayo’s hometown, things are generally very calm. With his talented circus dog Bo, Ayo juggles the park, attends carnivals, and eagerly awaits the shoemaker’s granddaughter. Until the day Bo disappears!

You play as Ayo, your familiar clown, in search of your best friend and beloved dog who has mysteriously disappeared. What happened to Bo? Will they juggle together in the park again? Or the circus show they always planned? You will discover throughout this incredible adventure as you try to bring the clown and the dog together. Like all good adventures, you won’t be alone. Ayo’s world is filled with friendly people and interesting creatures willing to lend a hand.


  • Unique Platform The most important part of any platform game. Each level has a unique theme and fun backgrounds to ensure fun and non-repetitive gameplay, as Ayo isn’t the kind of clown who repeats the same old jokes. His jokes just got better and better.
  • Giant Bosses and Tons of Enemies Face off against bosses bigger than life and prove that clowns are tougher than they seem. Don’t be fooled by Ayo’s sweet demeanor!
  • Weapons Tanks, helicopters, dinosaurs, toy hammers, hot air balloon swords, water balloons, etc. They can help uncover hiding places, put out fires, defeat enemies, prank your friends, and more.
  • Skills Head stomping, wall jumping, slamming, and more, Ayo certainly has a lot in his bag.
  • Side Quests There are plenty of side quests you can take on in town or on your journey, so be prepared for some surprising rewards.
  • Collectibles Can you find and collect all the hidden objects throughout the game? Rubber chicken and fart bag who?
Ayo The Clown Free Trainer Hack – Installation
  1. Download the Ayo The Clown Free Trainer Hack
  2. Extract the trainer dll from the archive (You can find the archive password under the download button)
  3. Follow this tutorial in order to inject the dll into the game:
    How to inject trainer dll using BepInEx?
  4. After you are done with the tutorial, start your game and the trainer should be injected
  5. Enjoy 🙂
Ayo The Clown Free Trainer Hack – Features and Hotkeys
  • Reprint Hotkeys [F12]
  • Unlock All Skills [Right Shift + U]
  • Unlock All Worlds’ Stages [Right Shift + S]
  • Give 1 Million Gems [Right Shift + G]
  • Collect All Level Collectibles [Right Shift + C]
  • Win Current Stage [Right Shift + V]
  • Toggle Invincibility [Right Shift + I]
  • Cycle Weapons (Special Weapon When Invincible) [Right Shift + T]

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