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BattleField 4 External Cheat 2022

USE AT OWN RISK BattleField 4 External Cheat

 Last Version: 18/03/2022

 Developers: TheOzy

Hello, dear CheaterMad members. Simple and reliable BattleField 4 Free External Cheat 2022 . Using this Battlefield 4 EXTERNAL CHEAT , you will be able to see all enemies from the textures on the map, meaning players will be highlighted with a red frame, showing through walls, buildings and other structures.

You’ve probably heard that BattleField 4 External Cheat 2022 are expensive and are very difficult to purchase. However, you can get it for free from our website, in a very simple way. All you need to do is, download it from our site. It differs from the other BattleField 4 Free Cheat 2022, because we are offering it as a free download. You don’t need to pay us anything, or fill out any survey.

How do we bypass the ban using BattleField 4 External Cheat?

Important!: Download from here a file called Hooker.dll and put it in the folder next to the executable file, you will only need one.

  1. Run game in borderless window mode after starting the game, select the desired features and run the overlay by pressing the “Run” button .
  2. Menu on the”F8” key.
  3. Kill the process of the game and the program on the “End“key.

Note: This cheat only works x64 systems.

Features Of BattleField 4 External Cheat 2022;

  • ESP Box
  • ESP Health
  • ESP Names
  • ESP Distance
  • ESP Skeleton (2 types)
  • ESP Lines (2 types)
  • Spectator Warnings (Warning about enemies and spectators on the server)
  • Chamses ([bug]Highly ship system, do not use with esp functions)
  • Crosshair
  • Dot (Center point of the screen)
  • Aimbot (lAlt key)
  • Vehicle Aimbot (Only works on ground vehicles as well as the shooter on the helicopter.)
  • Triggerbot
  • Auto Aimbot
  • Aimbot Target (HEAD,NECK,SPINE)
  • Firerate
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Squad Spawn (Hardcore mod)
  • Vehicle Damage (Increased damage to vehicles)
  • Enemy Damage (Increased damage to infantry)
  • Auto Spot
  • Weapon id changing [bug]
  • Unlock All (Unlock camo and attachments)
Before using I recommend using Enigma Protector:

  1. Download Enigma Protector
  2. Settings – Input(Select the p0op_bf4 file): https://imgur.com/R5mNwyJ
  3. Settings-Project details (enter something random): https://imgur.com/7T8Ww22
  4. CHECK-UP-Anti-debugger – Use anti-debugger check up (on): https://imgur.com/d127Hg9
  5. CHECK-UP-Control sum (let it be)): https://imgur.com/TiNYrpC
  6. CHECK-UP-Virtualization Tools (check all): https://imgur.com/AH4ECHo
  7. PROTECTION FEATURES-File analyzer deception (enter random): https://imgur.com/mSd0uEN
  8. PROTECTION FEATURES-Import protection (check all): https://imgur.com/YQIsDBi
  9. PROTECTION FEATURES – Line Patching (enable): https://imgur.com/tF8DDEl
  10. VIRTUAL MACHINE-File entry point (enable): https://imgur.com/s8pE6oT
  11. Press “Protect”
  12. Use a protected file.: https://imgur.com/n75KwAm

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