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Battlefield 2042 Script Hack | No Recoil & Auto Fire

UNDETECTED Battlefield 2042 Script Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Phial

Battlefield 2042 Script Hack is an external cheat for BF2042 that grants you No Recoil and Auto Fire hack on semi-automatic or full-automatic guns.

Tired of being at a disadvantage towards stronger opponents? A lot of Battlefield 2042 players are because this is one of the most difficult FPS shooters to play in the genre. You have to be really good at the game, and with little to no assistance from external cheat or hack Battlefield 2042 Script Hack is one such tool that will surely change the way you play BF2042 by letting you the hack functions no recoil hack and auto fire hack on semi-automatic or automatic weapons.

No Recoil is automatic removal of the recoil. Auto Fire is a feature that enables automatic weapons to fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger. It’s not just for releasing auto-fire (AKA Full Auto). Among other Cheats and Hacks for Battlefield, No Recoil and Auto Fire are something I have personally as well as pretty much every BF 2042 hacker has been waiting for a long time.

How to Use Battlefield 2042 Script Hack

  • Download the script from down below
  • Extract the script file from the archive using an archive extractor
  • Use a scripting device such as Cronusmax or a Titan to be able to run the script
  • Launch Battlefield 2042
  • Enjoy and have fun!

-Universal anti recoil but modified to contain both Vertical and Horizontal counter
-M5A3: 0.62 Vertical 0.5 Horizontal
-Cons: automatic guns don’t shoot the full speed

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  1. 581418

    The son of a bitch has risen to close my files, you son of a bitch

  2. 579398

    No auto-fire, just Recoil. Title is misleading,

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