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Best Rogue Company Free Hack 2022 [Aimbot – ESP]

UNDETECTED Rogue Company Free Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Tiny Man & mang0Lover

Hello my friends, I present to you a brand new Rogue Company Free Hack . This Free Rogue Company Cheat includes UNDETECTED features such as Wallhack, Aimbot, ESP. Rogue Company is a tactical FPS game, frankly, if I evaluate the game from my own perspective,

I can say that it is really successful. This game, which has 2v2 and 4v4 modes, has been developed using the Unreal Engine 4 engine. You will double your gaming pleasure by using the Rogue Company free hack.

Why Rogue Company Free Hack 2022

There are loads of reasons why our Rogue Company Free Cheats! When developing the JenriX Rogue Company Free Hack, Cheatermad aimed to be the best in the game for the best of our members. The lust to have over your rivals in their fierce competitive lives is pretty much the one he can build alongside it, and our tricks will help you make that dream come true.

Rogue Company Free Aimbot Hack

The unique aimbot is without a doubt the most classic and useful hack of them all. Capture your targets unscathed in this third person shooter, We will continue to add completely Free Rogue Company Cheats to our site.

Rogue Company Free ESP Hack

Rogue Company ESP Hack where you can see important items and players through covers such as walls, grass, and natural obstructions. For example, you’ll see a highlighted image of the enemy and their positioning thought walls and other obstacles. This is an insanely helpful cheat that gives you an incredible amount of knowledge to work with.

Rogue Company Free Hack Menu Images:

  • Cheat Image 1
  • RC Cheat Image 2
  • RC Cheat Image 3
  • RC Cheat Image 4

rogue company free hack

rogue company free hack

rogue company free hack

rogue company free hack

Features of Best Rogue Company Free Hack & Cheat

  • Visuals:
  • Aimbot:
  • Advanced features:
  • Menu settings:

  • Players Esp
  • Bots Esp
  • Snaplines
  • Head Circle
  • Dead esp
  • Self esp
  • Friends esp
  • Esp skeleton
  • Esp distance
  • Healthbar
  • Glow
  • Player visibility (Glow must be disabled of course)

  • Aimbot
  • Aimbot hotkey
  • Aimbot fov
  • Autoaim
  • No knocked aim
  • No Dead aim
  • Triggerbot
  • Team or enemies aimbot
  • Aim based on player visibility or not

  • Super melee (Press V every round then press left click to super melee)
  • Melee teleport
  • Norecoil
  • Bunnyhop
  • Team collision
  • No ragdoll
  • Enable or disable self knock [local]
  • Training bots godmode
  • Fake god mode (shows fake player state to enemies)

  • 35 Themes
  • Open/close hotkey
  • Curosr visibility

Rogue Company Free Hack Menu Videos:

  • Super melee:
  • Norecoil:
  • AimBot:

How to use Best Rogue Company Free Hack?

  1. Download the latest version of rogue company cheats from below.
  2. Then simply extract the hack files to your desktop.
  3. Now run the exe hack file and launch the game.
  4. Make sure the game is in window or borderless mode.
  5. After that is done, now you can enjoy rogue company free hacks.
  6. Ensure that the game is windowed or borderless (windowed fullscreen)
  7. When you run the cheat, the driver should load automatically, however, if there is an issue with loading the driver, the cheat will not operate.
  8. Check the %temp% folder for the presence of tinymanrc.sys; if you can remove the driver, it is not loaded.
  9. Download Process Hacker and follow the instructions below.
  10. 123driver loaded
  11. [Image 4] The driver has been appropriately loaded.
  12. You can now use the cheat.
  13. To unload the cheat, hit end every time you close the game, then right-click on the driver [image 3], then select stop to empty it or restart your computer.


  • Home to show/hide menu.
  • F1 to enable/disable aimbot.
  • End to close the cheat.

Developer Note:

This cheat will be regularly updated to every update
This Cheat won’t work on windows 10 version 21H2
press windows logo + R then type winver, check your windows version first before doing anything

How to build ?
Use C++17
Character set: Use Multi-Byte Character Set
Download and install Microsoft DirectX SDK june 2010 (572 MB):

Include: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Include
Include libs: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Lib\x64 [ for x64 ]
Include libs: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Lib\x86 [ for x86 ]

How to update the cheat ?
Simplest way : https://rc.dumps.host


Discord Server 

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  1. 72377

    the command prompt comes and closes for a moment and I press insert and I do not see a menu.

  1. 188799

    rust hack pleas

  2. 189502

    nice cheat works perfectly fine well developed

  3. 190052

    Please update him don’t work please really

  4. 112729

    Game updated today, is it still working?

  5. 188787

    what’s the password?

  6. 187302

    is it working?

  7. 79486

    unable to start tinymanrc 1% is not a valid Win32 application when i starting the process hacker

  8. 98249

    What to do if at first when it finds the game loads and then back to the main menu?

  9. 35566

    the download is still deleted

  10. 98249

    All in all it works but the menu does not open and the driver in temp no

  11. 35566

    im pretty sure its broken right now and the download is gone from mega (what i mean from broken is it doesnt work) the discord tag in the top right still appears and ive been using it for 2 days now

  12. 187199

    discord link expired

  13. 187105

    Anybody know why when I inject I load into the game invisible and my guns don’t show so I’m not able to shoot

  14. 186998

    The menu does not open, only watermarks appear

  15. 186718

    I see watermark, but function not working

    • 184636

      download source from tinyman github and update offset , so you can use that hack after game update , just update the offset
      Good Luck ^^

  16. 186650

    its not working for me i cant use it can i get link of another working hack

  17. 184636

    Good luck guys ^^

  18. 186565

    @A WeirD KiD will there be an update to the current version?

  19. 186482

    please if u see this, Tiny Man, add me on discord please “heroinfather#1636” cus i dont have the home key i have a 60% keyboard and i want to change the open menu key to insert

  20. 186070

    Thanks tiny!

    One question, can you check the rapid fire and fast reload? When it is disabled the fire rate reduces a lot, even with smg becomes like a semi automatic. And the fast reload also when it is disabled the reload speed slows to much.

    On another hand, is there a way to change the hotkey for increase/decrease aimbot smoothness? and also the key to not be right click?


  21. 73322

    This cheat is sick!!! good job

  22. 125969

    Hotkeys for the cheat
    F1 Rainbow glow
    F2 Aimbot
    F3 Rapid fire
    F4 Air stuck ( hold left shift to use )
    F5 Fast reload
    F8 No recoil / no spread
    F9 Super melee ( Press V every respawn then left click )
    Numpad+ increase aimbot smoothness ( 1 – 10 )
    Numpad- decrease aimbot smoothness ( 1 – 10 )
    Home to show/hide watermark
    End to completely unload the cheat

  23. 184741

    i can see the name but not the menu

    • 125969

      The cheat updated now

      • 186070

        I cannot uncheck some features because i dont see the menu. Is there a wayto fix it?

        • 186070

          Tiny, cheat is working. But at least for me. I am not able to see the menu, only the cheat version at top left and your discord on top right.

          Aimbot is working great, wallhack also. I just want to customize what I want to use.


        • 125969

          hotkeys for the menu are here
          F1 Rainbow glow
          F2 Aimbot
          F3 Rapid fire
          F4 Air stuck ( hold left shift to use )
          F5 Fast reload
          F8 No recoil / no spread
          F9 Super melee ( Press V every respawn then left click )
          Numpad+ increase aimbot smoothness ( 1 – 10 )
          Numpad- decrease aimbot smoothness ( 1 – 10 )
          Home to show/hide watermark
          End to completely unload the cheat

      • 187105

        Why when I inject I load into the game invisible and My guns don’t show

  24. 185859

    -rep i dont like it

  25. 180325

    not working for me. opened it and i see some text and a discord user on the top right but no mod menu. pressed home too

  26. 185815

    when is this going to be updated

  27. 183779

    An update came out right after this got updated again, so it doesn’t work anymore sadly.

  28. 185479

    didnt mean to put two comments lol

  29. 185479

    So i can get the menu to come up and everything but no matter what i select in the menu nothing seems to be working, any idea why?

  30. 185479

    So i can get the menu to come up and everything but no matter what i select in the menu nothing seems to be working, any idea what i need to do?

  31. 145311

    hey is this still up to date? or already dedected, i kinda need help because i am not able to run it please add me on Discord:


  32. 184459

    I have windows version 21H1, is it useful or not? because I tested if it works, it opens the hack and everything, but it does not work, the aimbot does not work, nor does the esp, help pls.

  33. 163502

    now is 2022/2/24 do not use this cheat 1.3v .your computer will have blue screen and get ban.i’m banned now.but still thanks tinyman . : )

  34. 183783

    Hey Tiny Man, need some help with this update. I followed the instructions but when I’m in the game and try to load It, the CMD windows close oo fast, and when I try to open the menu nothing happens even tho the driver is loaded properly.

    Discord: Agu_Senpai#2564

  35. 151323

    sad.. cant use and not working for Windows 10 21h2.. 🙁

  36. 183526

    Is it easy to get banned in this game? does the game use HWID bans and should i use some sort of spoofer?

  37. 183292

    when I open the cheat, the cmd window disappears immediately, how to fix it

  38. 183478

    Is it working for you after the new update, because its not working for me. Do you have any solutions?

  39. 183474

    Hello bro, I need your help with the new update please, and it won’t let me send you a direct message through discord, how can I do it, my username is: El Nabo#5157

  40. 97230

    Thank you man youre boss for doing this for us keep up the work!!!

  41. 183371

    Getting Blue Screen every time I use it after playing a couple of games

  42. 155044

    I have a Windows 10 20H2, but the trainer is giving me the “windows 10 cannot verify the digital signature for this file” error. Any workarounds for that?

  43. 58383

    Aim bot doesnt work but everything else does

  44. 40040

    lets go should have saw my face when I saw this on the front page of the website

  45. 178785

    It all works fine , but after 4 5 minutes of playing game just crash .

  46. 95129

    So it took me a while but it works.
    But for me to make it work I had to start the .exe after I was ingame.

  47. 155044

    C’mon guys. It is almost a month since last cheat update…

    Please update the cheat.

  48. 40040


    • 1

      I have contacted the developers, they will announce a new update for this hack in the near future. Be patient and have fun with other game cheats.

  49. 136745

    please update man it is enough

  50. 40040

    please update

  51. 136745

    Hey Update Please

  52. 112749

    pls update and fix aimbot targetting teammates!

  53. 40040

    i feel naked playing rogue without cheats please update ASAP

  54. 136745


  55. 100667

    Tryna update and shi? 🙂

  56. 40040

    please update I’m begging you

  57. 66120

    Please update the cheat as soon as possible, please, please, and an amendment to the cheat is very important. Do not make the correction work on friends as well.

  58. 97230

    hey can u update the cheat please

  59. 136745


  60. 75051

    pls update, doesn’t work since today’s update.

  61. 136014

    i still dont know well how to use it

  62. 40040

    can u add mine esp and traps and a option to turn off team aimbot and esp

  63. 66120

    Will the cheat be updated ???

  64. 40040

    update please

  65. 101952

    when are you gonna update?

  66. 86626

    Program was working perfectly last night, but since the new update it stop working completely.

  67. 112597

    Maybe add a ReadMe. The HowToUse Internet Shortcut. just leads to the cheatermad.com main website. So I am not really sure if I use the program right xD

  68. 97230

    is it working now ?

  69. 101952

    thanks for the quick update

  70. 27255

    Is it working now?

  71. 10063

    its not working ?

  72. 101952

    when you gonna update

  73. 17715

    uptade fucking cheat

  74. 97230

    can u pleaseeee update the hack?…..

  75. 95504

    new update was today yestrday the hack work will can u update the hack please?

  76. 100006

    ad no spread no recoil? and enemy only esp? please

  77. 35212

    needs work barely works
    aimbot barely works esp barley works

  78. 90273

    it show the menu but not work in game

  79. 89394

    works as of 10/1/21

  80. 40040

    Works good but could u add a “Ignore team” option because now i see team8 esp and aimbot locks on team

  81. 34028

    how to open the menu?

  82. 26015

    Works good but could u add a “Ignore team” option because now i see team8 esp and aimbot locks on team8

  83. 80401

    it show the menu but not work in game

  84. 26015

    Yo it aint working for me

  85. 41112

    thnx but cbut can u make one for bless unleashed pls

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