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GTA Tuners Script / Cayo Perico Cheat Table v4.2 – Free GTA 5 Online HACK


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: GassyNull

Hello dear CheaterMad members. Today do you want to use more game features during the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA 5 Online? Use this Free GTA 5 HACK table and you can easily dominate the game, surprise your friends and other players completely free and legally.

Cayo Perico Cheat Table – Free GTA 5 HACK

Free GTA 5 HACK table based on Cheat Engine includes a large number of functions in its functionality, from the simplest to the functions thanks to which you can dominate the game on other players. For example, there is a God mode, maximum health, fast running, teleport, server management, management of other players and much more.

How to use:
You need to install Cheat Engine.
1. Open GTA 5 first.
2. Open Cheat Engine.
3. Load GTATunersScript_v(2.8) (GNull)_[cheatermad.com].ct — or just open the file.
4. Tick ‘Activate Table’ — Cheat Engine will automatically attach to GTA5.exe process.
5. Have fun!

How to use Bunker Develiry
1. Go to your bunker and open the computer
2. Look at Bunker Products and remember that!
3. Sell your products and wait for Agent call
4. Open Lua Engine
5. Type and replace ‘money here’ with money you want (ex. 20000000) and ‘bunker value’ to your bunker product value (ex. 7000

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Changelog – Free GTA 5 HACK

  • v4.2 Added Stop Cutscene under “Online Options”.
  • v4.2Updated Set stats menu and applystats to be smoother and have better error detection.
  • v4.2 Updated MoHieDDiNNIE vehicle protected!

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Comments (14)

Popular Comments
  1. 271806

    Im just telling bc i know a lot of ppl want to know,
    It is still working and will work as long as rockstar dont fix cheat engine problems, it is safe unless you do stupids things like flying in public lobby, killing everyone or self giving money like a dumbass,
    However for money, u can still do the car sell trick but dont abuse it (like 1 or 2mil a day, really), same goes for rp
    So, nothing obious in open lobby, no abusing of money and CLEAR LOGS (by clearing logs i mean whenver u do a high purchase go buy some useless stuff so that your high purchase wont be in rockstar history, at least not in first, and when you give yourself money with the car selling trick, try to earn money multiple time by any means after that for the same reasons)
    If you respect all of those things, i can guarante you wont get ban.
    Hope i helped and sorry if the english is bad its not my native and huge thanks to the othors it must have been hella long coding those scripts lmao
    PS no the menu dont have the option for the car trick, but u can find a lot of vids about this

  2. 190409

    do-sent work it looks like a scam as well!

  3. 163296

    help please it wont load the table for me

  4. 78835

    it’s a beautiful nice hack and I love it, I did not think the cheat engine could do it anyway. thank u so much
    i have some ask and i need answer : Is it possible that one day it will be detected by anti-cheat?

  5. 138754

    doesnt work anymore pls update any lua i click i get a error

  6. 59459

    Is it possible to change the weather for all and not just for myself? Also maybe dropping bags instead of stacks? (Btw great table!)

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