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GTA 5 Guylet’s Playerdex (RID joiner, player logger)


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: guylet

GTA 5 Guylet’s Playerdex is an external player logger for GTA Online (logs name, RID), it’s also a RockstarID (RID) joiner (join any player you want as long as they’re in a public session) and it also downloads and displays the mugshots of each player. You can favorite players, save notes about them and view when they were first and last seen.

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How to setup GTA 5 Guylet’s Playerdex?

  1. Download GuyletsPlayerdex [cheatermad.com].rar
  2. Extract the .rar file wherever you want on your device
  3. Start GTA 5
  4. Go into a GTA Online session
  5. Run Guylet’s Playerdex.exe
  6. Have fun stalking people 🙂


  • See all players in your lobby
  • Favorite players
  • See mugshots
  • View name / RockstarID (RID) / First and last seen date
  • RockstarID (RID) join
  • Log players
  • Save notes about players

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Developer Note:



You can run it without running GTA if you just want to view players you have previously logged, or you can run GTA and press the “Log” button to log all of the players in the session you’re in. Players are logged to “players.ini” in the directory where the .exe is.

If you want the font to look the same as in the screenshots, you need to install “Nimbus Sans D OT”

If you find any bugs (i’m sure there will be plenty) or you just have suggestions, let me know.

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Comments (2)

  1. 40965

    hey first firt wanna say looks good and works good tumbsupp, what is the change that you can get banned??

    cause i found this on the internet?

    Yes i have made one for this. NOTE: external mod menu’s do not make it safer than menu that are using the ingame UI.

    In order for the external menu to be 100% safe it has to be fully external and only write to memory or vTable structs

    Also any menu that injects can ban any that say they can not is a lie

    you need a menu that runs either dinput8.dll / iphapai.dll / xinput / Any sort of hooking library GTA use and exploit it.

    You then need to patch the game right at the start metrics / telemetry / spoof the invoker (native calling)

    how is youre one written?

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