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CheaterMadX – Best Free Roblox Script, Cheat, Exploit Executor 2021

OUTDATED CheaterMadX - Best Free Roblox Script, Cheat, Exploit Executor 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: csgo fever

CheaterMadX – Best Free Roblox Script, Cheat, Exploit Executor 2021

CheaterMadX is the best Roblox script, cheat and exploit executor which can be downloaded for free on this website. This executor also has built-in scripts like ESP, Tracers, Float and more.

CheaterMadX is an executor for Roblox that lets you load and execute scripts. It is completey free and safe to use. Just go to the Roblox Hacks and find some scripts and exploits that you want to use. Copy them and load them into CheaterMadX. It’s easy as that! But you can also use the pre built scripts in the executors. You can find a list of these scripts down below.

How to Install & Use

Follow these quick and easy steps to get the executor up and running:

  1. Download the zip archive that contains the executor (Make sure to turn off your anti virus first)
  2. Extract it from the zip archive using an archive extractor of your choice [Recommended WINRAR or 7-Zip]
  3. Start Roblox
  4. Now you can open “CheaterMadX.exe” and you are good to go!

If you run into any issues whilst installing or using the executor, join our Discord serverdiscord logo 1and our staff team will try their best to help you further.

How to navigate through the excutor and load / execute scripts:

  • On the top right corner you can attach the executor to the game, which you should do before executing any scripts
  • On the left of that you can see the pre built scripts button. Click on that to see the pre built scripts that come with the executor itself. These scripts include:
    • ESP
    • Tracers
    • Float
    • Stop Floating
    • Btools
    • And hopefully more coming in the future…
  • At the bottom you will see the essential buttons of the executor which you will probably be using the most:
    • Execute
    • Clear
    • Load File
    • Execute File
    • Save File
    • Refresh
FAQ About CheaterMadX

Q: Is CheaterMadX is free?

Yes, it is. And it will always stay that way in the future. This is a free distrubuted software and anyone that tries to sell this to you is definitely a scammer. Make sure that you always download CheaterMadX from Cheatermad.com because you will find the latest version and updates here first. And some other people and malicious websites might try to trick you into downloading the executor from their websites which might be a malware. But note that you always trust our partner website and download from them as well.

Q: Is CheaterMadX a virus/Trojan?

No, it is not. It’s due to obfuscation that it detects as a trojan, virus and etc. These detections are called false positives that usually appear in apps like cheats and heavily obfuscated softwares. And most cheats, hacks and executors are heavily obfuscated in order to prevent them from being cr4ck3d. If you don’t trust that it is safe you can do some research on your own or just not download it.

Q: My Anti-Virus keeps detecting CheaterMadX as a virus / malware / trojan and removes it, how can I fix this?

If you are using Windows Defender you have to go to virus and threat protection, manage settings, add exclusions and lastly whitelist the boot strapper and when you run it whitelist the other files. Or simply you can just turn Windows Defender protection off.

If you are using a third party anti virus software, go into your anti virus settings and add CheaterMadX and its files to the excluded / whitelisted files list of your anti virus. Or you can turn off real time scan to completely which will prevent the anti virus from deleting the executor files.


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  1. 98540

    when i extracted it the folder was empty, and i have my antivirus off

  2. 69996

    Idk how to put in scripts myself and when i try the preset scripts it just says “is cheatmadderx attached?” and when i press attach it says “cheatmadderx failed to attach” how to fix?

  3. 64780

    it says the api is patched when i click attach

  4. 58060

    wont attach, says that “system32/Scripts” is not there

  5. 55206

    it keeps saying i have insufficient system resources

  6. 49456

    wait how do I open it? I used 7-zip now when I start up roblox I cant find it.

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