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COD Modern Warfare II Unlock All Tool 2023

UNDETECTED COD Modern Warfare II Unlock All Tool

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: bovkov1 & Bobtre & 3boodii

About COD Modern Warfare II Unlock All Tool

COD Modern Warfare II Unlock All Tool is a free to download undetected tool for MW that unlocks items & weapons (skins / camos) for you

As you probably know, there are so-called “Unlockers”, “Unlock All Tools” or “Unlocker Tools” that simply unlock stuffs and items (these mostly include; weapons, camos, skins attachments, operators, cosmetics, etc.) for you without any cost in COD (Call of Duty) Games. These unlockers are usually quite popular among Block Ops players which you can also see by the sheer amount of unlock tools you can find on the internet.

cod modern warfare ii unlock all tool

But unfortunately not everything you find on the internet is safe, but this is. This an unlocker that is currently undetected at the moment for the latest MW patch v1.45.4

How to Install & COD Modern Warfare II Unlock All Tool

  1. Download the tool
  2. Extract the files from that RAR archive using the password “123”
  3. Go into the folder you extract the files into
  4. Double click run file right when u see the modernwarfare launcher close
  5. Press enter on the cmd box once you see the mw blue animation screen [u might have to goto settings and re-enable the cutscene-introscreen][some people u need to inject before the animation loads so be a little faster on injecting]
  6. You should see it load the code then it will finish loading and you press enter causing the tool to say hijacking and click back on the game for it to hook be fast after seeing the code load !
  7. Your fully injected

cod modern warfare ii unlock all tool

For New Version How to use COD Modern Warfare II Unlock All Tool

  1. Open the run file
  2. Enter the game
  3. Once you see connecting to online service press enter
  4. and go back To the game a message will appear to you press ok

cod modern warfare ii unlock all tool

Developer Note

Hi everyone,I have made a COD Modern Warfare II Unlock All Tool. This is mainly for the people who don’t have coding knowledge and want a simple soft unlocking experience. It allows you to select what you want to unlock and which DLL to map all from the one CMD window. No modifications required.

This is based on Endoh’s soft unlocker, with offsets updated for the latest patch (1.42.3). It unlocks all weapons, camos, attachments, operators, cosmetics, etc. Don’t forget to restart your PC after using this, just to be safe. Huge credit to Endoh for the original source

Keybind: press f8 in lobby

Hello all, recently this was posted : naimcool unlocker src. The big boys were quick to inline it but i got you with another one that may not last long. feel free to use it however you like.

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Comments (21)

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  1. 96238

    can you make a video on it please

  1. 501049

    access denied, probably this cheat has been detected by AC

  2. 54903

    I inject and notis comes up i press ok and the game freezes then just crashes

  3. 459655

    it wont let me download it. It keeps sending me to homepage how do i download it?

  4. 330889

    I’m downloading a dll file, what should I do with it?

  5. 35538

    doesn’t work. the kdu mapper thing just disappears when i try to inject

  6. 144360

    it doesnt work. the tool closes itself after pressing enter on the animation screen

  7. 35538

    will i get banned if i dont have a spoofer?

  8. 135656

    work for me but its have just wepons attachment

  9. 125055

    it won’t let me do it in my account it crashes when I open the game and with another new account if it lets me lol

  10. 19235

    it did work but now it crashes my game when i open

  11. 125055

    Is it going to update or what is the crash when I open the game

  12. 608

    Doesn’t Work my pc crashes when lauching

  13. 96502

    do you have a cod warzone one cus i tried to do it on warzone it didnt work :/

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