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Tower of God New World Character Tier List | Updated List 2023

UNDETECTED Tower of God New World Character Tier List

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: zuhandis

Are you seeking for Tower of God’s New World’s top characters? See our detailed Tower of God New World Character Tier List. It’s a brand-new Gacha game that’s been released by “Netmarble” where you may acquire a ton of heroes and use them in both PvE and PVP game modes.

We rank every character in our Tower of God New World guide from SS tier to C tier. This makes it more challenging for inexperienced players, in particular, to decide which characters from the Tower of God inexperienced World to deploy in their team, and players are forced to regularly check to see if their preferred units are still effective in battle.

In order to rate all of the characters in the game according to their overall power across all game modes, we created the Tower of God New World Tier List.

Tower of God New World Character Tier List Ranking Meaning

The game’s “Heroes” are the individuals you control as you engage in PvP and PvE combat.

Tower of God New World is not universal. Characters are powerful; some excel when paired with particular characters or require synergy, while others are successful across all game types and don’t need it to reach their full potential.

To find out which characters are the finest in the game, consult our list of tiers. Before we move on to the actual Tower of God New World Character Tier List, let’s have a look at the ranking criteria or Tier rating guide. And if you are ever looking for free cheats for this game or any other, check us out!

Tier SS, Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, and Tier C are the four main categories in which the characters from the Tower of God New World are ranked on this list.

Tower of God New World Character Tier List – SS Tier (Best Characters):

Evan Edroch (Guide, Support) – TOG New World SS Tier

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Role: Support

Passive: Adam’s Glove

The ally who had the highest Attack at the beginning of the battle is hidden by Evan, who also restores their energy and strengthens their defense. Evan can also hide himself and regain Energy and HP if his HP reaches a particular point.

Active 1: Destructive Urge

After gathering energy, Evan releases a tremendous blast that hits targets directly and knocks them back.

Active 2: Hunger

Evan restores energy and takes away enemies’ curses. The Energy returned rises with each debuff removed. When a debuff is removed, allies regain health.

Special: Restoration

For a predetermined period, Evan bestows immortality on comrades. Allies with immortality cannot have their HP go below a specific threshold and then have it restored when it expires.

Evan is excellent at helping his friends out on the battlefield. His passive gives the ally with the highest Attack a head start by strengthening and concealing them.

An effective attack that can disperse opposing formations is a damaging Urge. Hunger restores HP and energy while clearing debuffs from allies. Immortality is a result of restoration, guaranteeing survival in critical situations.

In Tower of God New World, Evan Edroch is a crucial supporting character who can improve the team’s performance and survivability. Players should concentrate on equipping him with defensive and supportive gear to enhance his potential as a trustworthy leader in difficult situations.

25th Baam – TOG New World SS Tier

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Class: Wave Controller

Role: Support

Passive: Main Character

Every few seconds, Baam restores teammates’ Energy to make sure they have enough to perform their skills to full effect. Baam also unleashes a powerful burst when an ally is killed in battle for the first time, damaging adjacent opponents and briefly immobilizing them.

Active 1: Prodigy Wave Controller

The ally with the highest Attack is imbued with the Tower’s shinsu by Baam, who also grants them greater Energy recovery and increases their Attack and defense until the end of the battle.

Active 2: Reverse Flow Control

Baam manipulates the shinsu’s flow to harm the opposition and momentarily stop their advance, allowing supporters to seize the initiative.

Special: Black March, Ignition !

Baam sets out the Black March, focusing its strength on the foe with the greatest Attack. This strike lowers the target’s Energy and deals a lot of damage. Baam becomes more potent on the battlefield while in this state, which also grants him immunity to status ailments and improves his basic strikes.

Wave Controller Role Summary: The “Main Character,” 25th Baam, plays the part of a potent Wave Controller and gives his team crucial support. His passive makes sure that allies’ Energy is always refilled, increasing their fighting prowess. Baam’s passive causes a strong counterattack against nearby opponents when an ally dies in battle, giving him a tactical edge.

Baam can strengthen his strongest ally by using the Prodigy Wave Controller to give them more energy regeneration, attack power, and defense. Reverse Flow Control is a flexible skill that can injure and paralyze opponents, giving his side the chance to direct the course of the battle.

Black March, Ignition!, the ultimate move, unleashes Baam’s full potential, causing horrifying damage to the opponent with the greatest Attack while providing Baam improved basic attacks and immunity to status effects.

The 25th Baam in Tower of God New World demonstrates that it is a dependable support unit with potent attacking powers. To maximize his supportive and damage-dealing skills, players should concentrate on improving their Energy recovery and Attack stats. Having Baam on the team will surely tip the odds in their favor during difficult battles.

Rak Wraithraiser – TOG New World SS Tier

Class: Spear Bearer

Role: Tank

Passive: Leader Rak

Rak is a tough tank on the battlefield thanks to his ability to enhance his Physical Resistance by a specific amount for each friend nearby. Rak’s strike can also change into a ranged strike if no adversaries are close, enabling him to fight from a distance.

Active 1: Hide Behind Me, Turtle !

Rak quickly goes to the ally who has the least HP and protects them. Then, he uses his tremendous power to repel adjacent foes and raises the physical and magical resistance of the target ally as well as himself, giving his squad crucial defense.

Active 2: Wake Up, Turtle !

Rak displays his compassionate side by removing chocolate bars from his backpack and giving them to his allies that are close by. Over time, this kind of compassion replenishes their HP and raises their defense, enabling the team to repel incoming attacks.

Special: Time to Hunt

Rak detects the enemy with the highest Attack and rushes in their direction. Rak attacks the target, doing damage in a fan-shaped area that pushes back and stuns foes. It should be noted that this skill’s damage is considerably increased when the target has less HP, making it a deadly finishing move.

In the Tower of God New World, Rak Wraithraiser, a potent Spear Bearer, plays the part of a tough Tank. He is a great front line defender thanks to his passive ability, Leader Rak, which increases Physical Resistance for all close allies. Rak may also deal damage from a distance by changing his attacks to ranged while no adversaries are around.

Time to Hunt, Rak’s ultimate skill, perfectly illustrates his offensive prowess as he charges at the adversary with the highest Attack, causing significant damage over a large area and dispersing foes in his wake. If the target has low HP, the damage output rises dramatically, making it an excellent finisher against strong opponents.

Shibisu  – TOG New World SS Tier

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Class: Scout

Role: Support

Passive: Weak Leader

Shibisu increases the Attack (ATK) of Yellow element allies by 16% at the beginning of the conflict. His companions gain strength at the start of the battle thanks to this passive ability, which increases their combat effectiveness.

Active 1: Shinsu Bomb

Shibisu launches a Shinsu bomb in the direction of the heavily fortified enemy position. The explosion deals affected enemies 300% ATK DMG, delivering them severe damage. The enemy’s ability to regain energy is also hampered by the Shinsu bomb, which reduces it by 40% for 10 seconds. Shibisu can command the battlefield and thwart opposing plans thanks to this ability.

Active 2: One-Inch Punch

Shibisu sprints in the direction of a target and unleashes a powerful One-Inch Punch in a demonstration of quick and precise combat. The victim is stunned for three seconds and receives 400% ATK DMG from the impact. With the help of this ability, Shibisu can quickly eliminate a particular threat or provide his team a tactical advantage.

Special: Targeting

Shibisu methodically chooses the enemy with the lowest HP, then unleashes the skill Targeting, which for 10 seconds lowers the target’s Physical and Magic Resistance by 40%. He simultaneously orders friends to move quickly and focus their attacks on the chosen target. Shibisu obtains an astounding 100% energy recovery if the target is destroyed during this concentrated attack. He may restore his Energy to boost his squad while simultaneously marking a weak enemy for destruction with this special ability.

Shibisu excels as a Support unit in Tower of God: New World thanks to his control and damage-dealing abilities, making him a valuable Scout. He is an important asset to any team that uses characters from the Yellow element because his passive talent, Weak Leader, increases the Attack of Yellow element allies at the beginning of the game.

Anaak Zahard – TOG New World SS Tier

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Class: Fisherman

Role: Warrior

Passive: Half Princess

Anaak’s special defense bonus allows her to ignore damage up to a set percentage below her maximum health, but she can only use it once each cooldown. She is more resilient thanks to this ability, which enables her to withstand certain incoming strikes without suffering too much.

Active 1: Run

Anaak travels quickly to the enemy with the greatest Attack (ATK), strikes with great force, damaging the victim, and launches them into the air. Anaak obtains Status Effect Immunity during her movement, making her immune to damaging debuffs. She can engage dangerous foes and disrupt their positions thanks to her skill.

Active 2: We’ll See About That

Anaak charges the enemy with the highest ATK with a determined dash, doing damage and taking them down. If this initial assault succeeds in knocking the enemy to the ground, Anaak seizes the chance to grab and fling them behind her, causing more damage. She can use this ability to launch a persistent attack on her main target, possibly rendering them entirely helpless.

Special: Green April, Ignition !

In order to do damage to adversaries around and knock them down, Anaak fully unleashes the Green April’s power before slamming it to the ground. After that, the area bursts, causing further damage and lifting foes into the air. With the help of this skill, Anaak can effectively control and disrupt groups of foes by unleashing a devastating area-of-effect strike.

In Tower of God: New World, Anaak Zahard is a strong Fisherman who embodies the qualities of a Warrior through her aggressive and tenacious playstyle.

She has temporary damage mitigation from strikes that exceed a particular threshold of her maximum HP thanks to her passive skill, Half Princess. With this defensive advantage, she can take some damage and carry on battling without running the risk of being overrun.

Evankhell – TOG New World SS Tier

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Class: Wave Controller

Role: Mage

A powerful mage and Wave Controller, Evankhell belongs appropriately in the SS Tier of Tower of God: New World. She has tremendous power and abilities that make her a vital member of any squad. She is one of the Floor of Tests rulers and ranks 60th among the toughest High Rankers in the Tower.

Tower of God New World Character Tier List – S Tier (Best Characters):

Rachel – TOG New World S Tier

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Class: Light Bearer

Role: Mage

The mysterious Light Bearer and Mage Rachel has an important part in Tower of God: New World. Her special skills are geared at tactical warfare manipulation and support. Although her tier is unknown, she brings a combination of skills that, when used wisely, have the potential to change the course of a game.

Passive Skill: Suspicious Magic

The ally with the highest Defense (DEF) at the beginning of the conflict is linked to Rachel. This bond greatly improves the linked ally’s survivability by allowing Rachel to deflect 50% of the damage they take. Additionally, Rachel’s Defense is increased by 40% while the link is active, significantly boosting her combat toughness.

Active Skill 1: Spatial Compression

Wherever there are a lot of foes, Rachel summons a strong Lighthouse. The Lighthouse constantly inflicts 100% ATK damage each 0.5 seconds for 2 seconds on nearby opponents. As opponents are drawn into the Lighthouse, their positions are disturbed and tactical advantages result. Additionally, for a brief period of time, Rachel’s Defense strengthens by 4% with each opponent the Lighthouse hits.

Active Skill 2: Main Character of the Story

With Rachel’s special ability, she can take 100 energy points away from the linked ally before dealing 400% ATK damage to opponents around. The affected foes are also stunned by this assault, giving her team a window of opportunity. If no linked ally is present, Rachel refocuses her attack on the closest foe, causing the same 400% ATK damage and taking 100 of their Energy.

Special Skill: Lighthouse Decompression

Rachel summons the Compression Lighthouse exactly above an enemy’s head to show off her command of lighthouses. The Lighthouse crumbles, dealing the victim 100% ATK damage and putting them down for two seconds. The decompression phase of this talent, during which the Lighthouse grows and increases its size and damage output by 100% ATK each 0.5 seconds, is when the skill really shines. Rachel is able to use this effective method to

Endorsi Zahard  – TOG New World S Tier

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Class: Fisherman

Role: Assassin

A deadly assassin and skillful fisherman, Endorsi Zahard, contributes to the Tower of God: New World. She is a powerful force on the battlefield thanks to her quick and lethal assaults.

Passive Skill: Bong Bong Output

When Endorsi takes her first fatal hit in a combat, she has the special ability to teleport back to her starting position and restore HP. She has a second chance to change the course of the battle thanks to this talent, making her a tough and dangerous foe.

Active Skill 1: Compression Needle

Endorsi uses her Needle to pierce through adjacent foes and deal three times 100% ATK damage. The punctured foes bleed profusely for five seconds while receiving 60% ATK damage. This technique is perfect for crowd control and weakening her opponents because it enables her to deal constant damage to several enemies.

Active Skill 2: Reckless Princess

Endorsi, who has the lowest DEF in the rear row, embraces her aggressive character, transforms into invincible, and lunges at the adversary. She causes heavy damage to the victim with rapid and accurate strikes, knocking them down and stopping their ability to regain Energy. She can take out valuable targets with her ability while evading reprisals.

Special Skill: Chiffon Sword

By jumping into the air while riding Bong Bong, Endorsi demonstrates her command of the vehicle. Her deadly attack, which deals foes within range 200% ATK damage and knocks them down, is unleashed from this advantageous position. She is shielded from enemy attacks while using this talent because of her invincibility, allowing her to fully utilize her abilities without hindrance.

Lero Ro  – TOG New World S Tier

Class: Light Bearer

Role: Support

Lero Ro, a knowledgeable Light Bearer, contributes his knowledge and helpful skills to the Tower of God: New World. His strategic acumen and wide range of abilities make him an indispensable member of any team.

Wangnan Ja – TOG New World S Tier

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Class: Fisherman

Role: Ranged

Aspiring prince of the Tower of God: New World Wangnan Ja uses his special abilities to aid his comrades and unleash devastating ranged strikes to his adversaries.

Passive Skill: Path of the Prince

For every Yellow elemental ally on the battlefield, Wangnan has enhanced Critical Damage because to his regal background. Additionally, he has resilience thanks to his royal ancestry, which enables him to restore some of his HP after he sustains lethal damage for the first time during a combat.

Active Skill 1: Mad Dog

Wangnan’s fighting spirit sharpens in times of dread. He enters a state of frenzy when afflicted with Fear during fight, greatly increasing his Critical Chance and Critical Damage. With the instantaneous activation of this ability, he can terrorize his opponents and unleash devastating critical hits.

Active Skill 2: Shinsu Bomb/Gum Bomb

Wangnan skillfully utilizes the strength of Shinsu and gum bombs to do significant damage to nearby adversaries. Both bombs explode when they strike a target, dealing additional damage and stunning any opponents that are nearby. Wangnan’s strategic adaptability is demonstrated through this talent, which offers crowd control and powerful burst damage.

Special Skill: Antimatter Bomb

Wangnan launches an antimatter bomb at his enemies with the mastery of Shinsu, dealing eight critical hits in a row. Each attack is a critical hit thanks to this unique ability, which causes the target to sustain severe damage. This technique is extremely effective and lethal thanks to Wangnan’s dexterity and command over Shinsu.

Tower of God New World Character Tier List – A Tier (Best Characters):

Hansung Yu (Wave Controller, Mage) – A Tier

Class: Wave Controller

Role: Mage

The skilled Wave Controller of the Tower of God: New World, Hansung Yu, uses his command over Shinsu to direct the battle and weaken his adversaries.

Passive Skill: Rolling Boil

The strikes of Hansung are not only potent but also disastrous from a strategic standpoint. If he hits the adversary with a critical strike, the debuff “Rolling Boil,” which lowers magic resistance, is applied to the target enemy. His magical attacks become more potent because to this passive ability, which also positions his adversaries for devastating follow-up attacks.

Active Skill 1: Endless Sky

Hansung fires a strong Shinsu cannon with accuracy and focus, striking the adversary ten times, causing heavy damage with each shot. Attack momentum knocks the target back, causing separation and shifting their posture. With the aid of this talent, Hansung is able to flood the battlefield with a barrage of magical damage, making him a dangerous opponent.

Active Skill 2: Shinsu Cannon Barrage

Hansung uses eight Shinsu cannons to demonstrate his mastery of the weapon, damaging the target while also applying the “stiffen” status effect. The target is momentarily rendered immobile by the stiffen effect, making them open to follow-up attacks from Hansung’s friends. This feat showcases Hansung’s dexterity and capacity for motion control.

Special Skill: Raging Rapids

Hansung unleashes three strong waves of Shinsu as a real Wave Controller, dealing heavy damage to nearby foes. Those who have been attacked are pushed back by the waves’ force, which also reduces their movement and attack speeds for 6 seconds. Hansung can effectively handle crowds thanks to this particular ability, which makes him an important member of the team during team combat.

Data Zahard (Warrior) – A Tier

Khun Aguero Agnes (Light Bearer, Support) – A Tier

Hwaryun (Guide, Support) – A Tier

Jue Voile Grace – A Tier

Tower of God New World Character Tier List – B Tier (Best Characters):

Ha Yuri Zahard (Fisherman, Tank) – B Tier

Data Khun Maschenny Zahard (Assassin) – B Tier

Hatz (Warrior) – B Tier

Phonsekal Laure (Wave Controller, Mage) – B Tier

Khun Maschenny Zahard – B Tier

Tower of God New World FAQ

Q: What does the Tower of God New World tier list consist of?

A: A character’s overall strength and effectiveness across all game modes are taken into account when determining where they fall on the tier list for Tower of God New World.

Q: The characters in the Tower of God New World tier list are ranked in what order?

A: There are four main categories in which the characters are placed: Tier SS, Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, and Tier C. The character is thought to be stronger and more influential the higher the tier.

Q: What does each tier stand for?

A: The most powerful and influential characters are found in Tier SS and Tier S. Tier A consists of characters with significant roles and high aptitude. Characters of Tier B, which is just below the top tiers, are highly talented and valued. Competent characters can be found at Tier C, but they tend to be less influential or powerful.

Q: How may gamers use the Tower of God New World Tier List?

A: Players can use the tier list to decide which characters are the greatest in the game and use it to direct their team-building choices. It gives a general summary of each character’s abilities and suitability for various game styles.

Q: In the Tower of God New Worlde Tier List, are the rankings objective?

A: No, rankings are subjective and based on the creators of the tier list’s thoughts and assessments. The rankings and strengths of the characters may fluctuate from player to player.

Q: When employing characters in Tower of God New World, does synergy matter?

A: It’s true that some characters could work better in certain combinations or require synergy to attain their full potential. Players can find characters on the tier list that complement each other well or operate well on their own.

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