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Content Warning Cheat | MultiHack ESP & Troll

UNDETECTED Content Warning Cheat

 Last Version: 17/04/2024

 Developers: BedTheGod (ntqueryinformation)

Content Warning Cheat is the single best hack for the brand new co-op horror game Content Warning that has absolutely exploded in popularity. With the huge set of features that this hack offers you such as ESP, godmode, item spawner and many more, that will certainly make you a better content creator that gains tons of views.

What is Content Warning & the Content Warning Cheat?

If you have not already heard of this game by now, its aim of it is to make frightening footages that you take with your camera go viral on the in-game social media platform. A gameplay experience this fun and exciting certainly reminds some of the game Lethal Company or Among Us, as the co-op experience is very comparable.

This amazing Content Warning Cheat improves the game by a thousand times with an array of extremely useful features that are designed by the developer of this hack to enhance your gameplay, offering advantages over all of the other players you are playing with as well as the monsters that you are filming as content. With this hack, you can now record a very chill footage with an indefinite flashlight and battery for example, which you can also do without even taking damage thanks to the god mode feature.

Just imagine being able to explore the game’s haunted but very thrilling and exciting environment with an unlimited amount of stamina and oxygen, being able jumping infinitely in the air and also reach as well as travel to any place on the map in an instant. Or you can see everything around you, even creatures and objects behind walls simply by checking the box chams and ESP, which let you see, just as described above, things that are normally behind walls and are not visible to you. With the combination of everything mentioned above, you can create the perfect and the most unique Content Warning experience out there.

How to Use the Content Warning Cheat

And just like any other thing about this free Content Warning hack, the installation process is extremely simple and hassle-free as well. As it is just a Unity .dll, you simply need to inject it into the game using a Mono injector, which is explained by the following steps:

  1. First of all, download the Content Warning Cheat by clicking on the download button below
  2. Once the download has finished, extract all the files into a folder of your choice
  3. After that, make sure you have a Mono Injector injector from our website as well, since it is required for the injection process
  4. After that, you can finally launch the game
  5. Then, you can start the injector and enter the following settings:
    • Process: Content Warning
    • Assembly: Select the DLL Downloaded in this pst
    • Namespace: ExampleAssembly
    • Class name: Loader
    • Method name: Load
  6. Press inject
  7. Now, the cheat should be injected in the game. Press INS (Insert) on your keyboard to toggle the menu
  8. Check the boxes off all the features you would like to enable
  9. Enjoy and have fun with the Content Warning Cheat !

content warning cheat

Content Warning Cheat Full Features

  • Inf. Stamina
  • Inf. Oxygen
  • Inf Battery for flashlights / taser
  • God Mode
  • Inf. Jump (can jump in the air)
  • Rainbow face (all players see this)
  • Blinking eyes (only you see this)
  • Add money
  • Revive yourself and others
  • Player ESP
  • Monster ESP
  • Chams (The video recorder will pick this up so others can see it after the round)
  • Item spawner
  • Monster spawner
  • Goo all players/Monsters
  • Web all players/monsters
  • Spawn Drone
  • Ragdoll self
  • Kill players
  • Ragdoll Players
  • Give everyone black screen / Break Lobby
  • Force players to sleep in bed
  • No ragdoll

So, as you can see, with this free Content Warning cheat, mastering the art of horror gameplay in the game and outwitting the creepy monsters that you have to film and create content with is simply a couple of clicks away. Just follow the steps we have provided for you above, and enjoy the the incredible features packed into the Content Warning Cheat. You are guaranteed to have a good time and improve your skills as well as enjoyment of the game without sacrificing anything. All you have to do press the download button below!

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