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Corsair Injector | Best Free CS:GO Cheat Injector – v1.0.0

UNDETECTED Corsair Injector

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: $alexsamurai#0111

Hello my dear guys! Welcome to Corsair Injector v1.0.0, this is a reborn of the oldest ‘Corsair Injector’ back in 2020. My name is AlexSamurai and I present to you Corsair Injector. If you want to Inject a DLL into CS:GO with my Injector, follow the next steps:

Instructions of Corsair Injector ;

Step 1: Disable Anti-Virus. If you want to Inject a DLL into CS:GO you need to disable ‘Real-time Protection’ from “Windows Security”.
Step 2: Start ByPassing the Steam by clicking on “Start VAC-ByPass”.
Step 3: After the ByPass, Open CS:GO.
Step 4: Path a DLL on the Injector and it will “AUTOMATICALLY” Inject into CS:GO.
Step 5: Enjoy the Injection!


If you get VAC Banned is not the problem of the Injector, just stay safe with any CSGO Cheats DLL you Inject into CS:GO. If the Injector isn’t opening you need to create on ‘desktop’ any folder and put Corsair.exe and ‘ReaLTaiizor.dll’ in the same Folder! Any Update and VAC Updates will be posted on discord, if the Injector gets any update you will be notified when you open the old version!

corsair injector

This is a basic tutorial but if you have any errors join on discord server:
–There I can help you with everything you need to run Corsair Injector!–
–With esteem and respect, $alexsamurai#0111 aka AlexSamurai.–

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Comments (3)

  1. 392327

    good injector VAC bypasss does not work,
    i got banned in csgo after a few games even tho i was not rage hacking

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