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Extream Injector 3.7.3

UNDETECTED Extream Injector

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: master131

Extream Injector 3.7.3 , you can inject all your dll-format cheats.
Extream Injector 3.7.3 is a safe injector project that has existed for many years. Easily inject all .dll extension cheats for CS:GO ,Among Us , FullGuys , and etc.

Features Extream Injector 3.7.3:

– Colourful and customizable GUI
– Process List
– Multi-DLL injection (with options to enable/disable DLLs to inject)
– Auto-Inject
– Stealth Inject
– Close on inject
– DLL Scrambling (scrambles DLLs on injection to make hacks harder to detect and make detected hacks work again)
– ‘Un-inject’ DLLs- Mutiple injection methods (Standard, LdrLoadDll Stub, LdrpLoadDll Stub, Thread Hijacking and Manual Map)
– Drag and drop support
– 64-bit injection support
– Automatic Visual C++ depedency installer
– Execute exported functions after injection


How to use:
– Download and extract the attachment
– Run Extreme Injector v3.exe(optional) Click Settings and then Start in Secure Mode to avoid Anti-Cheat detection of the injector itself.
– Type in a process name into the box (including the extension). If you want to target a specific process or select by window name, use the Select button.

(Note) If you are injecting into Combat Arms, make sure to type in Engine.exe
– Add the DLLs you want by clicking on the Add DLL button. You can also drag and drop them into the DLL list.
– You can disable/enable which DLLs to inject so you can keep your favourite DLLs without needing to find them each time.

– Go into Settings and customise the settings to your liking. Everything should be straight forward (do not mess around with Advanced settings unless you know what you are doing).
(Note) If you are injecting into Combat Arms, make sure to tick Auto-Inject and start the game.
– Click Extream Injector and enjoy! (or wait for the process to start and let it auto-inject if you ticked auto-inject)


Please explain the Injection Methods!
This version of the injector introduces 2 new injection techniques.
– Standard – This is the injection technique used in nearly every injector out there. It uses CreateRemoteThread and LoadLibrary and is the most reliable injection technique.
– LdrLoadDll Stub – This is similar to the Standard injection technique except it goes 1 level deeper into LoadLibrary.
– LdrpLoadDll Stub – This goes even another level deeper into LdrLoadDll. It may crash or cause errors on OSes newer than Windows 10 as it can change.

– Thread Hijacking – This is a pretty stable method of injection that takes over already executing code to inject your DLL and is not used by many injectors.
– Manual Map – This is the most secure injection technique. So secure that even Windows won’t even know about the injected DLL. It may not work properly on OSes newer than Windows 10, you will be told what to do by the injector in that case.

Please explain the Scramble Options!
With the new version of Extreme Injector v3, there are way too many options to explain so I’ve created handy presets to make things easier:None – As the name implies, this means that DLL scrambling is disabled completely.
Basic – This applies basic scrambling that should work with most DLLs.

Standard – This applies even more scrambling options that should work with most DLLs.
Extreme – Applies all scrambling options (the best/strongest preset) that could break some DLLs but should work with most.

Please explain the Post-Inject Options!
These post-inject techniques are often seen within hacks to try prevent detection from anti-cheats but this injector can do it externally if the hack doesn’t do it already.

– Erase PE – This erases the PE headers at the start of the injected DLL, making it hard for anti-cheats to identify that a DLL exists at a specific location.
– Hide Module – This hides the DLL from the process’ module list so if an anti-cheat were to search through a process’ module list, it would not appear.

Warning: Most modern anti-cheats these days can still easily detect DLLs even with these options enabled. The most secure method would be using manual map.

Known bugs/limitations:
– Thread Hijacking is not supported at all on XP 64-bit.
– LdrpLoadDll has only been tested on XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It will probably not work on anything newer than that.
– “Create new entrypoint” under scrambling advanced options does not support 64-bit DLLs. Extream Injector

When using ‘Start in Secure Mode’….
If your anti-virus detects a threat/virus when you click on it, please ignore it or temporarily disable your anti-virus, it’s a false positive. I would never infect any users with anything. Note that you should NOT add an exclusion to the Temp folder as any REAL viruses that emerge there might get through.

Injection failed…?
Try another injection method and see what happens. Feel free to take a screenshot or copy and paste the error message here so I can look into it. Make sure to mention what OS you are running.

What’s the Visual C++/DirectX depedency installer?
What is the exported functions feature useful for?

Please refer to the wiki entry on Github for more information.

.NET Framework 4


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