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Counter Strike 1.6 XGuard Hack v2.1.3

UNDETECTED Counter Strike 1.6 XGuard Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: th3fla

Hello cheatermad members. I’ll show you how to do the Counter Strike 1.6 XGuard hack cheat. First of all, I explained the cheating in detail in the how to use section at the bottom of the article. From there, you can read in detail how to do it step by step.

Now let’s come to the construction of the cheat! This counter strike 1.6 XGuard hack protects your privacy. makes it easy to use cs 1.6 cheats. This xguard software is completely free to use. You need one injector to inject this software. You can browse the free injectors on our site by clicking here!

Features of Counter Strike XGuard Hack

  • Send fake cvars to the server (QCC and QCC2)
  • See the files checked by the server and bypass Resource Checker
  • Block resources
  • Block SVC_Director and SVC_StuffText commands
  • Use some r_* cvars
  • Use bhop scripts with aliases (_special)
  • See motd content and block motd and more features..



  • loads a little faster
  • removed “Block QCC” option
  • fixed GameInfo offset for build 4554
  • added ability to detect a message in the chat and execute a command or delete the message
  • now you can put a single fake cvar value for multiple cvars using the asterisk, but the value will not be updated, e.g: fps_* “100”
  • added a lot of error checks and you can run XGuard without problem even though you get an error, but some features will not be available, depends on the error
  • added option “Fake CVars” to make automatically a copy of all client commands every time you connect to a server, if the server is trying to modify them, it will not affect the real cvar and the fake value will be updated

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