Counter Strike 1.6 XGuard Hack

counter strike 1.6 xguard hack

 Last Version: 30/09/2021

 Developers: th3fla

Hello cheatermad members. I'll show you how to do the Counter Strike 1.6 XGuard hack trick. First of all, I explained the cheating in detail in the how to use section at the bottom of the article. From there, you can read in detail how to do it step by step.

Now let's come to the construction of the cheat! This counter strike 1.6 XGuard hack protects your privacy. makes it easy to use cs 1.6 cheats. This xguard software is completely free to use. You need one injector to inject this software. You can browse the free injectors on our site by clicking here!

Features of Counter Strike XGuard Hack:

  • Send fake cvars to the server (QCC and QCC2)
  • See the files checked by the server and bypass Resource Checker
  • Block resources
  • Block SVC_Director and SVC_StuffText commands
  • Use some r_* cvars
  • Use bhop scripts with aliases (_special)
  • See motd content and block motd and more features..
  • fixed a bug where "Can't set * keys" appears in console when connecting to local server (wrong offset)
  • now you can use xguard without .ini file but some functions will not avaliable
  • removed "PatchCommands", now you can choose what patches you want from ini file
  • added a error message if build is not supported
  • added new commands
  • added support for gsclient (injection with .asi will not work, use a good injector)
  • fixed a crash on some servers
  • small bugs fixed
    – fixed a crash while reading fake cvar values from ini file
    – added RevEmu, AVSMP, OldRevEmu and SteamEmu emulators
    (thanks to 2010KOHTEP for MultiEmulator)
    – little optimizations in forward and command checker
    – added ability to bypass guard and alias detectors by sending received commands to the server
    Discord Support Server : Click here
  • v1.8:
    – some optimisations
    – added unicode patch for old builds
    – removed xg_text_rev because it's useless
    – used another method for checking magic number
    – fixed a bug where you can't remove first alias, command and cvar
    – hooked SVC_VoiceInit because with this server can load dlls on old builds
    – fixed a crash when FowardCommands was turned to false and BlockForwards to true
    – added a option to block logging forward commands that contains control caracters
    – added ability to ignore errors and continue running the process (sometimes it may lead to crashes it depends what kind of error is)
  • v1.9:
    – fixed a lot of memory leaks
    – small changes to some commands
    – added a command to get steam players list (xg_show_steam)
    – now you can delete all aliases, cvars and commands using argument @All
    – added a command to trigger Host_Error and Fatal_Error (xg_host_error, xg_fatal_error)
    – added nick changer (random nick every connect, random nick every second from file or stole players nicks), thanks to OSTROG for nick list from CT-Shield v1.0


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