Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hack Menu


 Version: Current version

 Developers: İdk

Destroy the enemy in every match with this Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hack Menu. Rank fast and win more loot chests than ever before. Full-player ESP, maximize your advantage over your opponents with our deadly bone target bot and 2D radar to strengthen your KDR and get more kills in every match than ever before. You’ll earn thousands of battle points as you complete more objectives and defeat entire enemy teams, climb to the top of the leaderboards, and gain access to the most powerful vehicles and heroic characters with every spawn!

Enhanced Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hack Menu

With our deadly aimbot, lock onto your enemies to deliver maximum damage per second with nearly any weapon, ensuring you always have the upper hand in an one-on-one encounter. Tweak your aimbot for raging or legit play with numerous settings allowing complete personalization. Add aim smoothing or randomness to stay under the radar, or crank the settings to 11 to completely decimate entire player squads.


-ESP from Pentoxine (some new features)
-Screenshot protection from Pentoxine
-Aimbot with simple movement prediction
-Triggerbot (works fine on autofire weapons)
-Damage Multiplier from Onra
-No recoil (version in approval queue)
-No spread (version in approval queue)

– set aimbot FOV range manually
– save your settings from the menu

How to use it:

1. Disable RivaTuner and Discord overlay if you have it enabled
2. Open SWBF2
3. Disable DirectX12 in the settings.
4. Inject the dll into starwarsbattlefrontii.exe
5. Have fun smile

More info:
Dont use the aimbot when playing meelee heroes or vehicles – your game may crash (already fixed in newer version in approval queue)
Soldier Sensivity to 20%
Disable Origin cloud saving and diagnosis settings
also disable the “Origin in Game” setting

Open the menu everytime you switch the window
because the aimbot works with mouse moving and
you dont want the mouse to be moved outside of the game.
Also the triggerbot is only working together with the aimbot.
Dont use the triggerbot on non-autofire weapons (for example sniper) as it is kinda buggy then.
The ESP doesnt detect Vehicles. Also a few heroes cannot be detected.

If you have trouble with injecting:
I am using Xenos64 and it works fine.
Download Injector: Xenos injector

If the menu doesnt open/close with insert key,
disable the Origin/EpicGames launcher settings for cloud saving and sending information to Origin/EpicGames.
“Origin in game” has to be off
Then restart the Game.

If the aimbot is to snappy and changes targets very fast you have to
decrease the ingame mouse sensivity to around 20%. (Dont set it to 1% as the aimbot is buggy then)


  1. You wont get banned from playing offline.
  2. Some accounts got banned by using the damage hack in multiplayer.
  3. Also: If you get banned, you can still play offline with your account.
  4. Menu Hotkey: insert
  5. Aimbot Hotkey: selectable
  6. Discord Server : Click


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