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CS:GO External Hack – Aimbot, Bhop and more…

DETECTED External Hack

 Last Version: 16/04/2021

 Developers: жnoobж#6228

CS:GO External Hack for you.

As the name suggests, CS:GO External Hack is an external csgo cheat. The benefit of being external is not injecting into the game. Therefore, it is safer than internal cheats. However, thanks to the newly released VAC BYPASS, you will not be able to VAC ban no matter what cheat you want.

However, CS:GO External Hack can be used exactly for internet cafes because these external cheats consist of only 1 .exe file. In this way, after opening csgo, you can start using the cheat as soon as you open .exe. This makes it very convenient for you. If you say that I will cheat at home and do not play too many games, you can use the cheat installer madloader for csgo instead of this external cheat. It is a really nice installer. I recommend you use it. Take control of the game!

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  • [F9]- Semi Rage
  • [F4]- Aimbot (Your crosshair slides towards the man at the speed you set.)
  • [F6]- Enable/disable triggerbot (Your crosshair will fire automatically when it hits the enemy.)
  • [E]- Hold to triggerbot
  • [F7]- Enemy glow (Makes glow effect around the enemy.)
  • [F8]-Radar hack & Ally Glow (All enemies appear on the radar.)
  • [F3]-Anti flash-bang (You wouldn’t be blind to the flash bomb.)
  • [F2]-Bhop (It jumps automatically.)

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Winrar Password: 123

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