CSGO Hack Exodium.tech

csgo hack exodium

 Version: 2.0 (cr4ck)

 Developers: cr4ck by philipp015

CSGO Hack Exodium.tech – This csgo cheat with rage, legit, visuals, skins, and many more features is a Legendware-based special Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheat.
It’s even better than the original Legendware or any other LW paste. CSGO Hack Exodium.tech, which has become popular in hvh communities, plans to provide a better hacking experience to its users. Don’t forget to thank philipp015 for this csgo cheat that you can download for free from our website CheaterMAD.com.
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CSGO Hack Exodium Features

– Rage (Basically most of aimbot features for hvh);
– Antiaims (Makes your model kinda hard to hit);
– Visuals (Allows you to see the bomb, weapons or even customize the world);
– Players (Allows you to see your enemies through the walls and much more);
– Skins (Skinchanger that basically changing your knife or weapon skin);
– Settings (Config system, allows you to save or load cheat configurations);
– Luas (Mean’t to load some LUA scripts but doesn’t work here);


Instruction on how to use CSGO Hack Exodium.tech

1. Download the archive and unzip it;
2. Find any dll injectorsuch as PH2 or Xenos;
3. Run the game;
4. Inject the DLL into game process (csgo.exe);
5. Open cheat GUI using Insert button;
6. Have fun!

  • If your game crashes, then use the Load Library injection method
  • or write it in the game launch settings -insecure
  • CS:GO Hack  Exodium.tech original website: Exodium.tech



Only logged in users can download cheat.


  1. Чит сломан, если включить рейдж, то при виде врага, даже если не простреливаемое место, то невозможно ходить, всегда авто стоп включен и авто стоп фикс не работает

    1. это бесплатный чит, он не может быть лучше, чем другие читы, используйте otcv3, это лучше

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