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F3N3SENSE CSGO Cheat / Aimbot / Visual / Sound Hit


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: KLa41

You can download the updated F3N3SENSE CSGO Cheat for the latest version of CS:GO for free from our Website. I can’t write much description for this cheat because its images tell us everything, stay tuned to our CheaterMAD CSGO category. A lot of people said it crashed on most of the injectors, but I tested it myself with MadInjector and it worked fine,

This cheat is a CSGO Cheat that you can use in CSGO. remember that this is completely free for you, because this F3N3SENSE CSGO Cheat is completely legal and we aim to increase your gaming pleasure in this cheat menu with a Rage interface. Don’t forget to thank the developers who gave us this trick in the comments!

Here is Developer Discord Server : https://discord.gg/VeGgmHnpVh

f3n3sense csgo cheat
f3n3sense csgo cheat

How to use this F3N3SENSE CSGO Cheat ?

  1. Download f3n3sense.rar from our website.
  2. Extract rar file to folder (Pass 123)
  3. Start MadInjector as administrator
  4. Start CS:GO
  5. Inject f3n3sense.dll via MadInjector

The archive includes for F3N3SENSE CSGO Cheat:

  1. Lua
  2. SOUND HIT (stored in LUA folder)
  3. Fonts
  4. DLL fooling itself
  5. CFG
  6. And models I
    Answer potential questions immediately.

Where are the models disposed of?
Answer: Models should be dumped in cs go folder (In csgo go to Steam > Library > RMB > Properties > Browse local files > cs go)

2. Where is the CFG dumped?
Answer: First press Win + R key combination in the popup window, type “%AppData%” (without quotes), then search for the f3n3sense folder.
there will be a CFG folder and you will need to install the cfg. from the archive.

3. Throw Lua in the same place as CFG
Answer: That is all.


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