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CSGO OTC v2 HvH and Legit Hack Free Download 2021

CRACK CSGO OTC v2 HvH and Legit Hack Free Download 2021

 Last Version: 25/09/2021

 Developers: 0x000cb

CSGO OTC v2 HvH and Legit Hack Free Download 2021

OTC v2 is a the lower version of the famous CSGO cheat Onetap (v3). Even though it’s not new, it’s definitely one of the best HvH cheat to the day.

About OTC

I think everyone is familiar with the (one of the most) famous cheat for Counter Strike: Global Offensive [CS:GO] Onetap. It is a hack with pretty much every single feature you want and you can find in other cheats. As you probably know, there are two versions of Onetap that have been shared for free on the internet. These being OTC v3 and OTC v2. Even though the v3 version of Onetap is newer and looking better. Some people prefer the second version because they claim it to have a better HvH performance than OTC v3.

Obviously this is debatable. But surprisingly OTC v2 still isn’t detected and it is still one of the best free HvH cheats for CSGO you can possibly find. Some people evem combine OTC with addons that change the hack’s resolver and anti aim for a better performance.

Nevertheless OTC is a very solid and a reliable free cheat that can be easily installed and used. But if are not sure how to install it, don’t worry. You can find the instructions to install down below.

How to Install and Use OTC

  1. Download the OTC dll which is compress in a RAR archive
    [You can find the download button and the RAR archive password down below]
  2. Extract the dll from the RAR archive
  3. Download an injector of your choice from our website
  4. Start CS:GO
  5. Inject the dll into the game
  6. Press Insert [INS] to toggle the UI
  7. Enjoy 🙂


Winrar Password: 123

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  1. what is the password

  2. Imagine deleting my comment and literally lying about a cheat on your website, this “otc” dll is just a paste and doesn’t even have its original ragebot tab, don’t waste your time with it

  3. No me sale las opciones. Solo sale una pantalla gris con el nombre del cheat

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