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CS:GO Simple Legit Hack

OUTDATED CS:GO Simple Legit Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: HiImGood

Hello, dear CheaterMad members. A Simple Legal Hack in the popular online game CSGO. Simple, yet necessary functionality with which you can master game servers and be on top of the game table. It is controlled using the hack menu that opens in the INSERT key.

CS:GO Simple Legit Hack

There is an excellent ESP (Wallhack) where you can see enemies from the map, know what weapons your enemy uses, the amount of health of the enemy and whether you can see him behind the wall (the enemy’s color will change accordingly). where it is). In addition, there are functions such as Aimbot (with configuration feature), TriggerBot, RCS, Bhop, BackTrack.


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  1. 17992

    its detected i tryed in mm on alt and got banned

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